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Nov 8, 2013 08:31 AM

Dinner recommendations for Sugar Land?

I will be in meetings in the Sugar Land area and would like dinner recommendations.

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  1. When will you be In Sugarland and how many people, types of food, plus any more pertinent information would be appreciated, also where are you from? With no info I can recommend the Church's fried chicken in Stafford and any nearby Whataburger.

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    1. re: James Cristinian

      Upscale dining for 2. Looking for local flavor not something I can find back home in Mississippi.

      1. re: OByahoo

        Not my area, don't do haute, yadda yadda...

        For uniquely Houston, but definitely NOT "fine dining", I will recommend Lopez Mexican on Wilcrest just north of the Southwest Freeway, (US 59). Just a few miles from Sugar Land and a great example of classic Tex-Mex.

        If you insist on white linen and a sommelier, try here:

        You can add another filter for FINE DINING on the left, but I don't think either of their entries is what you're looking for.

        You might have to head towards town on 59, but the Galleria isn't too far.

        Good luck, hope you enjoy your visit and let us know where you wind up.

        1. re: OByahoo

          My favorite restaurant in Sugar Land is Thai Siam. Don't know if you'd call it "upscale dining," but it does have tablecloths and a full bar.

          Also don't know how good the Thai food is where you are in Mississippi, or if you're even fond of it, but I really like this place, and drive a good half-hour to get there (past a great many other Thai places, I should add). And, when I go, always get another three or four dishes 'to go' to take home for the fridge.

          I guess you could safely say that I recommend it!

      2. I don't know the area well at all. Maybe Aura Brasserie? I've never been, though, so maybe someone else can weigh in on that ... I seem to remember hearing it was better before it moved to its new location. I think that there is a Churrascos (South American) and an Azuma (sushi) out that way, too. I've never been to those locations, but have been to others closer in and like both.

        1. I did a search for fine dining in b4ueat for Sugar Land and came up with on listing, Tradacao Brazilian Steakhouse. Here's the whole list for Sugar Land area.

          I'd give Grimaldi's a try, a New York import.

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          1. re: James Cristinian

            That's a huge list. You can trim that some by using 77478 and 77479 as the zips for Sugar Land proper, not that Mo City and Stafford are that far away but there isn't much there you're going to be missing.

            I'll try to find some time later to comment on some places I'm familiar with in SL that may fit the parameters but I will say I think Churrascos is an excellent rec.

            Re: Tradicao - we had a spammer here who managed to escape detection for several years, injecting raves about that place in various and sundry threads. After she was banned and all her posts were removed there may not be a single mention of the place left on CH. However, she still has free reign over on Urbanspoon if you care to see what the PR agent thinks of the place. Check out their failed attempt to start a discussion board where I think all but one of the threads is about the place. I don't know if any reputable blogger or either newspaper critic has ever reviewed the place. It's only about a mile from me but I'll never go because I don't appreciate restauranteurs spamming CH. The food may actually be pretty good but I'd be leary of user reviews for it on any user review site.

          2. Fernando's does a good job for a non-chain option.


            1. I would second Aura. You will not be disappointed.