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Tipping and Tooting

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    1. Slightly disappointed by this story. Thought it would be about gratuities in South London.

      1. I LOVE this. "Try to imagine a swan tooting at sunset" is probably my favorite line. I will repeat it to my husband next time I'm caught out ...

        1. "Who ordered the Dutch Oven special?"

            1. What it she wasn't cute and tooted?

              Anyway, everybody farts. I'd just hope my waiter is several steps away before blowing one out on my table.

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                Well, as I have pointed out repeatedly, I don't cut the tip period. If the service is really awful I'll speak to a manager, but I never tip less than 20%.

                1. re: JonParker

                  You're nicer than me. :) but I've never had an issue with a farting server

              2. "Toot,Toot,Tootsie Goodbye..."

                1. Love The Oatmeal. My favorite is "Why I Don't Cook At Home"