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Nov 8, 2013 07:56 AM

The Spanish Table [Santa Fe]

We are very lucky to have The Spanish Table shop in Santa Fe. I go there four-five times a year and am most attracted to their food items. My latest favorite is the smoked red pepper sea salt that I use in everything, including homemade bread. It is awesome.

I'm thinking of getting a gift certificate for close friends for Christmas and wondered what other people buy there. I think they have a store in San Fran and maybe another one or two in California.

I have bought several cassuelas there that I love and am lusting after the new black ones. I'm also looking for smoked olive oil and since they have a large selection of EVOO's and vinegars, might well have that too.

Do any CHers have favorite items they buy at TST that our friends could use their g/c for?


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  1. I haven't been to The Spanish Table for a long time, but for the smoked olive oil, you might try Oleaceae (I prefer this one) or Santa Fe Olive Oil. Both have a wide selection of oils, vinegars, salts. Just in case you don't know about them. Good luck!

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      Thanks, juster. I will check out Oleaceae. Is SF Olive Oil the shop next to the LaFonda?

      1. re: sandiasingh

        No, that's Oleaceae. Santa Fe Olive Oil is at 116 Don Gaspar, on the far (west) side of the block west of La Fonda, I think.

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          I know where that is. Thanks. I will check it out.

    2. They have those cool irons that you heat over an open flame and use instead of a torch for brule'e-ing the tops of flans. Also like their unglazed, hard-fired round clay pots w. lids -- perfect for making Indian-style yogurt.

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        I didn't know about the irons for flan, so I will look for those. I love their cookware and tabletop stuff too.

        I am interested in what you mean by the clay pots are good for making Indian yogurt?

        1. re: sandiasingh

          Yes, those irons are for making crema catalan, Spanish creme brulee. Someone on this site told me about them when I was asking for suggestions as to what torch to buy my budding chef niece (strong enough to brulee, not so strong as to burn the house down if she lapsed into texting). I decided not to get it, thinking she could do more harm with a red hot iron than a small butane flame, but it's a neat old-time gadget.

          Traditionally in India, yogurt was made in unglazed, high heat-fired terra cotta pots. They had to be soaked and seasoned, just liked the ones at Spanish Table. The clay was supposed to create a better quality yogurt because it retained temperature better and because, being unsealed, it pulled a good bit of water out of the milk, making for a thicker, creamier yogurt -- almost as thick as Greek yogurt but more custardy in texture. I think the clay pot fermentation made for a slightly different culture too. Yogurt made in clay tasted different from yogurt made in glass or steel, and, to me anyway, felt more soothing to the stomach.

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            Ninrn, my husband is Indian and I asked him why we have never made yogurt like his mom used to. He said he did not care for the flavor of the clay that leached out during the process. But I'm always up for a new experiment so we'll give it a go. It sounds very good to me.

            We have made paneer many times and it's very easy.

            He recently asked me to make flan. I think I need to make a trip to TST :-)

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              Going off topic a bit here, but these are my dream yogurt pots:
              They're stovetop safe, so you can boil the milk right in them.

      2. Yes: I love their aged Manchego. One of the best cheeses I've ever had.

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