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In search of coconut custard pie...

...my go-to pie place, Petsi's Pies, unfortunately does not make it.

Any leads will be much appreciated!

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  1. Sweet Tooth in South Boston makes coconut cream pie - call them to make sure they have it

    1. Myers + Chang has one which I have liked very much, with lime whipped cream. I don't see it listed on the Flour menu but I wouldn't be surprised if you called M + C in advance they would sell you a whole one.

      1. Pretty sure the Agawam diner makes a killer one. I had it years ago. And I LOVE coconut cream!

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            There was a period of a few years where the quality of the pies (and the rest of the food, frankly) at the Agawam had really slipped. But Allstonian and I ate there last month and were pleasantly surprised to learn that the coconut cream pie is back up to its former superlative standards.

          2. I don't know if they sell it as a whole pie (if that's what you are looking for) but my husband was raving about a Coconut Custard Pie at Summer Shack in Alewife last week.

            If you're inclined towards making one, I have a recipe that got rave reviews, let me know if you are interested and I'll post it on the Home cooking board for you.

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              I'm interested for sure - please post! Jenny Ondioline LOVES coconut cream and coconut custard pies.

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                Ditto on the recipe and love for cream pies.

            2. A bit far from Cambridge but my go to pie place has it. Here is their thanksgiving order form / pie menu

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                I think hargau forgot to include the name/location of their go-to pie place - it's Meadowbrook Orchards Farm Store & Bakery, in Sterling, MA. (Roughly a 90-mile round trip from Cambridge, for the record.)

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                  No i just figured the name/address and phone on the link i provided would cover it! But i guess that is not search engine friendly

              2. Whites bakery Derby Shops Hingham Ma

                1. Agawam Diner in Rowley on Rt 1, homemade.

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                    On a lark, I called Petsi Pie and with 48 hours notice - they'll make a coconut cream pie ($25).

                    Pie ordered - I'll report back Sunday evening. Thank you for all of your responses!

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                        Petsi's pricing is generally ridonculous.

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                          How much is a coconut custard pie from Meadowbrook Farm?

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                            We're not sure why a discussion of pie got so heated, but we've removed some posts from this discussion. It's not like we're asking people to vote on pie or cake here, since cake is clearly the winner (ducking).

                            Anyway, can we get back to sharing great pie tips? Thanks!

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                            Verril (they don't do coconut cream sadly) charges $14 for a large pie, and Russo's even less. Both do great stuff.

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                              Meadowbrook $11.95 really good size. The apple is the "mile high" style...

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                              Agreed, it is a bit steep (their fruit pies are $24) - but it is a 10 inch pie which they say serves 6 - 8.

                              In fairness - Sweet Tooth's web site lists the coconut cream pie at $22...diameter size not noted...

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                                The Globe had a review of Ever So Humble, a pie place in Walpole MA, yesterday. They charge up to $22.95 for a 10" pie, and don't use butter in the crust. Petsi doesn't seem too out-of-line in comparison.

                        2. A quick note to let you all know that I picked up and helped devour the coconut cream pie from Petsi's today ($24, not the $25 I previously mentioned).

                          All I can say is that it was fantastic - tasted like fresh and all natural ingredients.

                          Unfortunately, I have not tried the coconut cream pies from the other places listed in this thread. But all I can say is it has become my favorite pie and i'll order over my old standby of cherry crumb any day at Petsi's Pie!

                          Thank you for your input!

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                            glad you satisfied your desire. if you do any taste testing, do let us know the results.

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                              Sounds great. Thanks for reporting.