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Nov 8, 2013 06:27 AM

[London] Claridges - Simon Rogan

News out - his new permanent home in London will be Claridges. Opening next year. Lucky Londoners. But I am now officially concerned - that's 3 venues in Cartmel, 2 in Manchester, and 1 in London, at the other end of the country (at least the others are all north west).

Hmmm...but all congratulations and good wishes to him nevertheless!

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  1. And apparently he will source food for the London restaurant from the Cartmel farm. That farm's going to be busy! (As will Rogan himself be.)

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    1. re: Palladium

      I hope Rogan has a good team backing him up. It sounds like the Gordon Ramsay/Jason Atherton syndrome is spreading. Does everything have to be about how much money one can make by having a 'name?'

      1. re: zuriga1

        "Does everything have to be about how much money one can make by having a 'name?'"

        No, no and absolutely no.

        Even at Michelin star level, most British chefs are not "names". They're quietly getting on cooking their food and serving their customers. For instance, I suspect that few here will have heard of David McLaughlin or Rupert Rowley - yet I can absolutely vouch for the 1* quality of their food.

        As to the general issue of "names" spreading themselves thinly, then I'd have to agree with the concerns. It can all start to get a bit corporate.

        1. re: Harters

          Maybe instead of writing 'everything,' I should have used a different words like 'so much.' :-) I understand your point, John.

          I'm glad you agree about the thinning thing. In America, it used to seem to me that many with a 'name,' had to have at least one restaurant in Las Vegas. That's where the big money is, so I guess I don't blame them.

    2. The complete team is given in this article

      Mostly from the late lamented Roganic. I'm saving up now!