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Nov 8, 2013 06:20 AM

Bern's Booked - Where to go?

Growing up in Tampa, Bern's has always been a special place for my family. In planning a trip to Tampa for December, we'd hoped to return and take my boys (9 & 8) for their first experience. Unfortunately, it's completely booked (could get a 9:30, but way too late for kids to eat). I know there's no other place like Bern's, but can anybody suggest a restaurant we'd all enjoy. We're staying near the airport/stadium, and don't want to venture too far to eat. We'll be 8 people and it's probably best to go somewhere in the American/Steak/Seafood range to satisfy everybody. It does not need to be fancy/expensive.

Also, if you have any sneaky tips to still get into Bern's, they'd be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Try Mitchell's. Its near the International Mall and airport. Its the fish division of Ruth Chris.... Truly excellent. We love it there, Valet parking is available and meat is on the menu

    1. I prefer Charley's (if I'm not going to Bern's).

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        Went to Charlie's a few weeks back, and had a fabulous meal with excellent service. Great selection, large parking lot, and near the mall. Looking forward to go back again.

      2. Ocean Prime, near International Mall is an alternative

        1. Fan of Capital Grille, Roy's, Eddie V's, Council Oak

          1. Flemings, Ruth Chris's, Malios, Renzo's all in the near area of TPA. Shula's and the Palm also.