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May 10, 2005 04:53 PM

Sam's Barbecue - Austin - mutton

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I've been craving sheep meat for the past two weeks. The DFW mutton barbacoa link made me salivate.

Since NO ONE was able to give me ideas about good places to eat near I-35 around Parmer...(sob)...I have moved my eye south.

What can anyone tell me about Sam's BBQ? I am especially interested in the mutton, but I want to know about it all.

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    Cranky Yankee

    I think Sam's has some of the better barbecued mutton I've ever tasted. Off the top of my head, the only better I've had is at Ben's Long Branch BBQ on E. 11th St., not too far from Sam's. And for extra cravings, Lewis' BBQ on Harvey St. (also in East Austin) is the only other place in Austin where I recommend the mutton. If you're craving mutton, Ben's is hands-down my recommendation. Of course, if you have time and will (and room!), you can comparison-taste.

    In terms of other meats, I recommend the brisket at Sam's, the pork ribs at Lewis', and both the pork ribs and pork butt at Ben's. *NAKEDLY SELF-AGGRANDIZING MOMENT* Feel free to peruse my full reviews at my web site.

    The Cranky Yankee


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      I've had some really good mutton at Southside in Elgin but that was years ago.