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Nov 8, 2013 06:10 AM

Italian Charcuterie in the West Island?

Do we have any decent soppressata, lardon, salumi in the west part of the island? I want to put together a small plate of meats, cheeses.

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  1. Cavallaro on St. Charles or St. Jean.

    1. there is a Cavallaro in the Marche de l'Ouest...let me know what you buy I would like to do the same..

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        Blondee_47: We rented a villa in Italy and had a chef come in to cook for us. He put this plate together as an appetizer...small pepper stuffed with anchovy and caper (I bought some in the Chelsea Market last weekend), various salumi; bresaola, capicola, prosciutto cotto. Some olives, pickles, and local cheeses from his village. Also 3-4 kinds of pates on bread (chicken liver, etc..)
        He fed us well!

      2. Deli La Trattoria is also an option, I'm not sure if they carry anything different than Cavallaro but they do make their own Italian pastries which I've had and are very good.