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Nov 8, 2013 05:07 AM

Good Steak and Beer for the Husband

My husband wants to celebrate by having a really nice meal in Philly. He prefers a place with good steak and beer. For example, Butcher and Singer but he doesn't want to go there again since we've already been there and I'd rather stay away from the chain restaurants like Capital Grille, Ruth Chris and Morton's. I can't find a Beer List for Barclay Prime so I'm wondering if anybody has any other suggestions? My husband usually prefers a NY Strip. Also the Brazilian Steakhouses are out since I am very small and would NEVER eat enough for the price.

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  1. Take a look at Alla Spina which has a 60 day dry age ribeye "salad" or Brigids which has a tuscan grilled Tbone. Both of these places are better known for their beer selection than the meats per se.

    Osteria also has a beef dish and they have a small but good selection of craft beers.

    1. Your options are sort of limited, given the constraints.

      osteria has really good steak (although it's a dry-aged rib-eye, not new york strip). I think Barclay Prime is meh these days.

      1. Fork has a great NY strip on their current menu. Here's their beer list: