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Nov 8, 2013 02:52 AM

Vienna, Austria Restaurant Recommendations

I am a US citizen living in Vienna and working for a local company. This is my first post on CH. I felt guilty always looking at posts but never contributing. I hope this offers some small help to people seeking casual mid-priced good places to eat in Vienna.

This is not comprehensive or inclusive of fine dining. I am married with no children and eat out frequently.

Note--Many Vienna restaurants prefer reservations for even casual places for both dinner and sometimes lunch. You do really need to call ahead for many popular places.

My #1 tip: Check out a blog (still live but discontinued) called . It was written by a foodie American married to an Austrian and living in Vienna. She offers a very good list of casual places and they are all good. Pick one and you basically can't go wrong.

1.) Try a Beisel--the Austrian version of a small local bistro. My favorite in the inner city is Gasthaus Poschl. Rudi's Beisel is just outside the main inner city but excellent. (both need reservations)

Favorite Asian: Liounge, Pho Saigon (near Cafe Schwarzenberg), On Market, Bangkok Thai (near Kettenbrukengasse ubahn), Sapa Experience, Shanghai Tan

People Watching: Drink outside in summer at Naschmarket. Mostly avoid the food and expect tourist crowds, but good for drink and people watching on Saturday morning--if you can get a table.

Spanish: Bodega on Parisergasse

Hungarian: Mini

Greek: Ellas on Judenplatz (expensive but good)

Turkish: Restaurant Kent and you must try a Doner Kebap at a food stand--delicous! The one outside Kagran mall is my favorite or Schwedenplatz.

Fench: Le Bol (lunch/breakfast), Cafe Francais (lunch/dinner), Beaulieu (lunch)

Austrian: Try a Beisel as above, but I have to admit I always enjoy Tafelspitz at Plachutta. Touristy and expensive, but food is always good. Note that the Plachutta by Opera house specializes more in Schitzel and the Plachutta by Wollzeile specializes in Tafelspitz (and with better side dishes--I prefer it).

Beer Hall: Wieden Brau or Schweitzerhaus (in Prater--best beer garden) in summer. Some people like 1516 but its owned by US brewing company and not as many local beers. I like Wieden Brau better. Beerklink has fresh Austrian Gooser beer on tap and is quick easy choice.

Coffee House: Many lists available online---Just note that there are different styles and atmospheres. Cafe Central is good to see one time, but it is a crowded tourst place. Try others to get more authentic experience.

USA style food: Livingstone or 1516

Favorite cocktail bar: Krugers American Bar or Puff

Hope this offer some quick help--many other great places so check them out and have fun. Enjoy Vienna!

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  1. Thanks for the list, I've been looking for a new Vietnamese place for my monthly visit to Vienna, since By Chi closed I've not found one to my satisfaction.

    I haven't tried Shanghai Tan yet but did try their other place called Ra Mien. I wasn't really happy with Ra Mien as I expected the noodle dishes to be more of Mien style noodle as opposed to the Fun style that hit the bowl. It's not that the food wasn't good it just wasn't the expectation that the name of the place set. I'll give Shanghai Tan a visit on one of our next trips into town.

    I could not agree more with you on people watching at the Naschmrkt, one of my favourite activities on a nice day, I like Raphael's wine bar, but only because it's usually impossible to get a spot at Urbanek.

    If you ever get across the boarder to Brno, CZ let me know and I'll hook you up with the "best of" here.

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      Try Pho Saigon for Vietnamese. It is located close to Cafe Shwarzenberg on a side street. They used to be in the Naschmarket but moved to focus on locals and higher quality. Sapa Experience close Mariahilferstrasse is solid choice also--great summer rolls. Pho Saigon is my top pick right now for overall good Vietnamese food in Vienna at good price.

      If you try Shanghai Tan, check out the basement which is interesting couch seating around small tables.

      1. re: vanderb

        Hello Vanderb,

        Some good news !!

        First and most important for you: By Chi has reopened in a new location, 2.,Hollandstrasse 15, which is not as centrally located as Naschmarkt but still within walking distance from the city center !

        I agree with Adam about Pho Sai Gon. Their new location also is a big improvement, and their food is great as ever, although not the best Vietnamese in town…

        This title should go to Good Morning Vietnam, which reopened in 9., Sechsschimmelgasse 16 !
        GMV existed for years in a remote location in 15.,Märzstrasse, but was even then very popular for their authentic food and their charming outdoor dining in a nice green courtyard. The new GMV has only a few tables on the street, but has a tastefully decorated interior and a great menu, definitely recommended !!

        And this is not all: there are a few other new Vietnamese places such as Viet Thao on 1., Friedrichstrasse 2 or Le Viet on 1., Stubenbastei 12, but we found them less compelling, with poorer service and not as interesting food items.