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Nov 8, 2013 12:07 AM

NEW: Local Mission Market, SF - any reports yet?

Local Mission Market opened Tues 11/5/13, any reports?

EaterSF post:

Local Mission Market
2670 Harrison St, SF

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  1. I stopped in Tuesday morning, as there was a parking space out front.I liked the space, though it was clear that they were still getting set up. Lots of store made jams, sauces, etc. Small but nice looking meat, cheese, bulk, and produce areas.

    1. KQED Bay Area Bites blog has some observations & pics:

      1. Serious Eats liked 5 things:

        Trout Salad $18.50/lb
        Smoked Miyagi oysters $15/lb
        Persimmon jam $7
        Fennel pasta $6
        Chicken liver pate $15/lb

        Link here: