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May 10, 2005 03:12 PM

Veggie Burger in Dallas

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Hi All,

Any suggestion on a place that serves Good Veggie burger? I am not looking for a place that uses the GArden Burger patties off the Freezer.

Only place I know that makes fresh Patty is Gazeebo Burger at Frankford and Tollway. Trying to find more places that serves the Veggie option. Thanks.


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  1. Houstons's serves a great Veggie Burger. Two locations, Preston south of NW Hwy, and Beltline just east of the tollway.

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    1. re: Matt

      I'd also recommend Houston's veggie burger.

    2. Last time I was there was last summer, I believe that Uptown Bar & Grill (McKinney & Fairmount) makes a homemade vegie burger

      1. Twisted Root on Commerce - OMG. Their veggie burger rocks.

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        1. re: PilatesChick

          I will second this one! It is a spicy (but not too spicy) black bean burger that's great with their homemade sweet potato chips and fresh root beer. YUMMY!

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            Capitol Pub also makes a homemade one, I remember thinking it was a black bean style one. Fries alongside are delicious.

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              My SO is flexitarian and loves Twisted Root's veggie burger enough not to share it with me.

          2. Beware of the veggie burgers at Cosmic Cafe and Idle Rich. Both used to be homemade and spectacular, but the last time I had each of them they had been changed to frozen Gardenburger patties on crappy buns. Huge disappointment.

            1. Tried teh Veggie Burger at "The Counter" in Plano, It rocks! The veggie patty is quite tasty and you can make your own burger with toppings according to your liking. Here is the link