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Nov 7, 2013 08:30 PM

Rec's for vegetabe choppers/ cubers?

I was noodling around online tonight, clucking on this and that cooking video, looking for some bew salad ideas when I gappened to see a video recipe for Shakshuka, an Israeli breakfast dish of a hearty, spicy tomato sauce with eggs poached on top.

I've had, and made, this dish numerous times, but the home cook on this video didvsomething I never thought of - he used a cool little gadget to dice his tomatoes. Like an oversized egg slicer, he put the tomato, one at a time, under the upper lid, on top of a grid like series f cutting blades. Ephe pushed down, and just like that, perfect dices of tomato in the resevoir underneath. I've never used a vegetabe dicer. I always use a knife. But i think I'd like to buy one for when I'm feeling lazy rwhenI want my veggies a little more consistently sized.

So here's the question. Have any of you used a dicer? Any you'd tell me NOT to buy? There are hand crank versions, as well as the above mentioned egg slicer type. Advice please?

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  1. I use them and like then, although it took a little getting used to. Love the consistent cuts. That said, it wouldn't take up space in my desert island trunk...

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      Any one you especially like? Any style?

      No, a desert isle trunk deserves Le Creuset and Cuisinart, but I'd make room in my cluttered kitcken for a good dicer.

    2. U can get reasonably cheap manuals at world market