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Nov 7, 2013 08:28 PM

Thanks giving dinner in San Diego 2013

Hi, we Are an Australian couple who will be in San Diego on Thanksgiving this year. Do most restrauants open and if so what would be a good example of a traditional Thanksgiving day meal?
We are staying in the Gaslamp area on this date.

Thanks for you information.


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  1. If you'll have a car, you won't do better than getting a reservation at Albert's in the heart of the San Diego Zoo. That's right. The zoo. Order the traditional carved turkey plate. You'll have a genuine American Thanksgiving dinner in a beautiful setting!

    Cheers, mate!

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      1. re: DoctorChow

        Albert's is only open until the late afternoon since the Zoo closes at 5PM. Plus, admission is required, which adds around $80 for 2 people. If you're already planning a day at the Zoo and looking for an early meal, it could work.

        George's California Modern would be my choice too.

        You can search OpenTable for 11/28 around dinnertime to see places that have reservations available. Definitely recommend you have a reservation and not expect to walk-in.

        Traditional American Thanksgiving dinner revolves around roast turkey.

        1. re: Ponder99

          Thanks. Get the message about booking being essential. We are looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving in the USA.

        2. re: DoctorChow

          Thanks the tips. The zoo sounds like a great suggestion.

        3. Most restaurants will not be open Thanksgiving day. Many will be open for dinner but reservations are limited and fill up rather quickly sometimes.

          One place I would recommend you look into is Prado (at Balboa Park) for dinner.

          Another option is George's at the Cove, which from my experience in years past has been open all day (lunch and dinner). Good food and maybe even better view.

          Enjoy your stay.

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            Thanks. Will have a look online at your suggestions.