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May 10, 2005 02:20 PM

Freddie's Place?

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Anyone been? I know the backyard is really nice (remember when it was Spag. Western? I LOVED that place...sigh) but is the food worth me driving all the way over there only to NOT go to Polvo's or is it just your typical pub-grubby kinda place?

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  1. Old Feddie...I remember him well. I just can't recall where I last saw him...

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    1. re: Donnie C

      apparently I saw him in Austin...

    2. Yo girl. If you like to throw washers and eat with dogs, it's your kind of place. I heard that they had a great veggie burger. Free Brisket on Tuesdays, live music, etc. Haven't yet been myself.

      It would be hard to recommend not going to Polvo's.

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      1. re: rudeboy

        Ah, Rudeboy. You KNOW I have the white trash in me...

        washers and beer with dogs - sounds like a blast.

      2. Pretty standard pub fare. We tried it once late night after a show b/c we didn't want to go anywhere too crowded or far away, our friends live in the neighborhood. I had the turkey club (huge!) that left a weird greasy taste in my mouth, I think it was the bacon. The ladies had a round of salads and I don't remember what the fourth had.

        To sum, good if you're in the 'hood. The staff were very friendly and accomodating as well. I would return.

        1. I had what was possibly the worst marg of my life at Freddie's Place. It was so bad that we assumed the food would be rough, too, and we just left. Bad, bad margarita.

          1. Not so hot, IMHO. The food is unspectacular, often served cold, orders frequently mixed up. In addition, the music is too loud and it's getting hot, hot, hot, even under the tall trees. We also had a problem with mosquitos recently...that creek gets stagnant without rain.