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Nov 7, 2013 07:07 PM

Red Plum - White Plains

Looks like another Asian restaurant will be opening soon in White Plains. Red Plum (I'm assuming it's the same owners of the one in Mamaroneck) They are opening on Mamaroneck Avenue (the old Nicky's Pizza location). I saw them unveiling the sign the other day. Does White Plains really need another Asian restaurant?

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  1. Not only that, another Asian fusion place - which I increasingly believe is just a way to sell sweet, gloppy Chinese-American food at higher prices. That must be at least four fusion places within two blocks of each other - they're becoming as ubiquitous as the pubs.

    On a broader note, having lived in WP for 4 years now, I have to say this: the restaurant scene here stinks. For a city this size, it's embarrassing that smaller places in Westchester like Port Chester, Mamaroneck, even Dobbs Ferry, have a more varied and interesting restaurant scene. What's the biggest reason? Is it because WP is such a government, 9-5 town? Is it the mall-ification of downtown?

    1. I think a lot has to do with the fact that you have to pay meter parking in white plains on the street until 9 p.m. The fine is a $25.00 ticket or you have to pay in the lots 24/7 and the fine is $10.00. White Plains is still known for it's bars and pubs which attract a young crowd and people stay away when they can go to a really good restaurant in a smaller town.

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        Don't know about the parking situation - yeah, it sucks, but I don't think it'd be a deal breaker if there were a better selection of restaurants. You bring up a good point about the bars and pubs, and there's little variety in those places as well! Aside from the Lazy Boy and its excellent beer selection, it's pretty difficult to distinguish one Mamaroneck Avenue-area pub from another.

      2. I saw the sign yesterday and it was devastated. I was born and raised in WP and Nicky's was part of my childhood. My dad would take me for a slice after picking me up from school. So unfortunate that Nicky's had a fire but I thought they would rebuild and come back.
        We DO NOT need another Asian Fusion Place in WP! We have already three on Mamaroneck Ave. Two of the places are not even brining in any customers.
        I agree that I have to go out of WP to eat often because there are so many places within WP with the same food concept.

        1. Is Red Plum in Mamaroneck the new place near Sal's? It always looks empty. Opening a restaurant to do little business is weird. Too bad about Nicky's but he must be too old to start over. I read parking enforcement was an election issue. With the incumbents winning I suppose business will be as usual. Pay the meter and don't take a chance.
          I eat Asian in Hmart and it is great.

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            I was wrong. It is not the place next to Sal's. It is the addition to Toyo Sushi. I used to eat at Toyo often and it was good. I think it will do well in White Plains.

          2. What are local alternatives to White Plains eating? What are your top 3 favs in Mamk or Port Chester (or whatever else is close)

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              In Port Chester, Tortilleria Los Gemelos is great for Mexican, and I like Asi Es Colombia Bakery for arepas and such. I know Tarry Lodge gets mixed reviews on CH, but I've had both lunch and dinner there and thought it was very good both times.

              In Mamaroneck, Sal's is good for a solid slice of NY-style pizza, regular or sicilian. Certainly better than the slice joints I've tried in White Plains. Turkish Kitchen is also very good.