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Nov 7, 2013 07:02 PM

Going to be in NY for Thanksgiving. Suggestions for Chinatown or kid-friendly East or West Village

Going to be in NY for Thanksgiving. I've heard Chinatown gets crowded on Thanksgiving. What if we went early, like 3? Otherwise, any suggestions for kid-friendly inexpensive East or West Village?

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  1. FOR CHINATOWN: Amazing 66. Stands above the crowd. Preorder the crispy chicken. Be sure to try an unknown kind of fusion that started at Danny Ng-I call it "NY cop fusion"; they have pastrami, corned beef, roast beef and prime rib in a few of their dishes. Introduced to me by Cantonese cousin. Don't gag-they are excellent.

    1. Bubby's Pies in Tribeca has a great Thanksgiving meal and a kid friendly ambience. You'll have to check and see if the kids pay the same as adults $60. reservation required.

      1. How inexpensive? Western/non-ethnic restaurants usually do a Thanksgiving prix fixe that is more expensive than the regular meal. A buffet may be slightly cheaper but I'd still ballpark $40 per adult, and that's on the low end for Thanksgiving in Manhattan.

        I don't recall Chinatown being that crazy for Thanksgiving, at least not in comparison to Christmas.