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Going to be in NY for Thanksgiving. Suggestions for Chinatown or kid-friendly East or West Village

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Going to be in NY for Thanksgiving. I've heard Chinatown gets crowded on Thanksgiving. What if we went early, like 3? Otherwise, any suggestions for kid-friendly inexpensive East or West Village?

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  1. FOR CHINATOWN: Amazing 66. Stands above the crowd. Preorder the crispy chicken. Be sure to try an unknown kind of fusion that started at Danny Ng-I call it "NY cop fusion"; they have pastrami, corned beef, roast beef and prime rib in a few of their dishes. Introduced to me by Cantonese cousin. Don't gag-they are excellent.

    1. Bubby's Pies in Tribeca has a great Thanksgiving meal and a kid friendly ambience. You'll have to check and see if the kids pay the same as adults $60. reservation required.

      1. How inexpensive? Western/non-ethnic restaurants usually do a Thanksgiving prix fixe that is more expensive than the regular meal. A buffet may be slightly cheaper but I'd still ballpark $40 per adult, and that's on the low end for Thanksgiving in Manhattan.

        I don't recall Chinatown being that crazy for Thanksgiving, at least not in comparison to Christmas.