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Nov 7, 2013 06:47 PM

Locally sourced food in Pensacola/Tallahassee/Orlando/Jacksonville

My husband and I will be in Florida shortly, and he has been challenged by his employer to seek out meals at cafes, coffee shops and restaurants that serve locally-sourced food. My Google efforts thus far have been fruitless.

Ideally, we would like to find some mid-range restaurants or even "healthy fast food" options. His per diem is not huge. Chipotle technically qualifies under the constraints of his job, but I'm more interested in finding places unique to the area.


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  1. I'll be really interested to see the replies to this one...
    For the Tallahassee area, my first suggestion is to say veer off the road a bit up to Thomasville, GA and visit the Sweetgrass Dairy shop, the Market diner, or even George and Louie's for locally sourced seafood. None of those will break the bank. There are a number of other candidates in Tally proper, but the ones that come to mind tend to be pricier. We like the Side Car pub and I think most of what they serve is locally sourced.

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        Cypress in Tallahassee (Tennesee and Gadsen-downtown) and the Root Cellar on Miccosukee and magnolia ( Midtownacross from TM Hospital) and some of the items at the Front Porch (6th and Thomasville Road-Midtown) are some other finer locally sourced venues in Tallahassee.

      2. Joe Patti's Seafood in Pensacola has a restaurant to the right of the Seafood building - it is smaller separate building --and it is all local and fresh.

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          95% of the menu is breaded and fried seafood. But if thats what you are looking for its is the best around.
          I just wanted to add that fact.

        2. Orlando
          The Rusty Spoon - Downtown Orlando
          The Ravenous Pig - Winter Park

          1. Jacksonville...Black Sheep, it is in the Riverside area, I would recommend lunch if you are on a budget, they are really big on locally sourced foods, even have a stake in a farm close by. If you are venturing out for a happy hour, I would check out their sister restaurant Orsay, not cheap for dinner, but happy hour can bring in some deals. Up towards Mayport, near Atlantic beach, Singleton's Seafood features fish right off the boats, and it is very budget friendly. Back in town, again in the Riverside area, Tapa That features locally sourced veggi's and meats, and it a great lunch spot, as well as dinner, and has some beautiful local art on the walls. We also have a food truck movement that is starting to make waves, and most of them use locally sourced ingredients.

            1. #1 in Tallahassee for excellent local cuisine: The Root Cellar.