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Looking for Local Gems in Nova Scotia

I'm attempting to compile a database of local gems and regional foods in Nova Scotia, and I would appreciate any feedback! I'm looking for traditional foods (and where to eat them), unique regional foods, exceptional pubs, pizza styles, eating experiences, and local favourites.

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  1. Looks like you may not need a database..

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      I just don't think anyone in the Maritimes uses Chowhound anymore...

    2. There is the contested thread on here about the best pizza, but there's definitely a variety across NS.

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        Well, so I would say that Pictou County Pizza is a regional style. There seems to be sort of a pizza culture in Cape Breton. But other than that, there are just "famous" places that people love in their hometowns. At least, so far as I can tell.

      2. I have friends in NS and have been to visit them a couple of times. There was a grilled seagull dish that seemed popular but was strange to me. I can't recommend it, but everyone there liked it.

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          Okaaaaayy. Never heard of this.........

        2. Lavena's Catch Cafe, freeport Nova Scotia.

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            Lavena's Catch serves up the freshest seafood I have ever eaten. In fact, all of the offerings on the menu are super fresh and very tasty. Not to mention the amazing view - the beautiful harbor between Freeport and Westport! The owners and staff treat you like family too.

          2. There are some good eats in NS. When we visit, my uncle from Stewiacke comes down and makes his famous stone soup. We gather rocks and seaweed and simmer it for a few hours. It's salty and gritty, but satisfying. I really don't like it very much, but the rest of the family raves about it.

            1. I haven't been to NS for 7 years. However, I did make a list and hopefully a few of these places are still around:

              Hometown Kitchen, which is near the eastern side (Acadia??) of the Cabot Trail. Nothing but French spoken and I remember the mussels being quite exceptional.

              Petipas Market is a bit deceptive. The decor is bare bones fluorescent lighting. 50% is tourist trap gift shop, the othe half is a very good restaurant. Excellent creamy fish chowder and other seafood dishes.

              And finally the Hideaway Campground and Oyster Market, 401 Shore Rd
              Dingwall, NS B0C 1G0
              (902) 383-211... best eastern half-shell oysters I've tried. And I've tried them all.