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Nov 7, 2013 03:45 PM

Too much chicken stock!

I buy 10 chickens at a time from a farm a couple times a year. I cut up the chickens and vacuum seal them, and then make a giant batch of stock and freeze it. The problem is that I'm not using the stock fast enough and now I've probably got 25 quarts in the chest freezer.

So, I'm looking for ideas about how to use chicken stock without necessarily including chicken meat. What can I make other than:

-rice/grains cooked with stock instead of water

Extra points for anything that uses a quart at a time! Thanks.

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  1. That's a lot of stock. Could you super reduce it, by half or more, to turn it into a super rich jelly-like consistency? I believe there's a French cooking word for doing that with other bones.

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      Most of it is already super-concentrated. I just put 6 quarts in the freezer and that was from about 8 chickens' worth of backbones and wing tips!

        1. re: greygarious

          yep. or demiglace. i always reduce meat stocks down to rubbery brown , freeze them in rectangular containers, pop them out and cut them in cubes and put those in a bag and keep frozen. or leave the rectangle as is and cut off what i need each time. I probably end up with 1/5 the volume i started out with before reducing.

        2. re: EarlyBird

          I would definitely do this.if the stock hasn't been salted a tbsp of jelly will impart the most amazing flavour.
          I would use it for stews, all kinds. My favourites right now are chicken thighs with apples, chicken stew(CI latest magazine), chicken chili, blanquette de veau....

          1. re: Antilope

            Use the stuffing in a pork loin or with pork chops. I like to make chicken posole. That'll use a lot of stock. It also needs chicken meat, though..

          2. I always use chicken stock for shrimp etouffee. Seafood stock turns out weird for me.

            When I make tamales I simmer a pork roast in pure chicken stock with lots of spices. The pork tastes good on it's own before the tamale stage.

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              thyme, you is a smaht cookie. i haven't done this yet except for avgolemono, but i want to cook pasta in chicken stock (pasta that doesn't get a tomato based sauce.)

            2. I forgot. I also use it for beans as the cooking liquid. Pinto, mayocoba, kidneys, black eyed peas. You could make some red beans and rice.

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                You could make Mexican rice to go with the tamales. That would use more of the stock.

              2. Use it as the liquid when steaming vegetables and cooking pasta