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Nov 7, 2013 02:45 PM

Private or semi-private room at Manhattan restaurant.

I'm helping a friend out - they're looking for a place in Manhattan that has affordable food (like maybe $15 per person average bill) and has a private or semi-private area for up to about 30 people max. No ethnic food.
Ideally this would be somewhere between the UES/UWS and the Village.

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  1. Is the $15 per head including alcohol, tip and tax?

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    1. re: pbjluver

      AND a private room?! And no ethnic? Fat chance.

    2. This strikes me as a completely impossible request in this budget.

      You can try the Rec Room at UWS Shake Shack, but even that will probably be slightly over budget.

      1. As far as i know your options are:
        - ethnic in manhattan
        - leave manhattan
        - increase the budget
        Or all of the above.
        These articles may help, the timeout site does a great recap of cheap eats in the city:
        And their picks for group dining:

        1. Just as a rule of thumb, most restaurants in Manhattan require some sort of prix-fixe or "minimum spend (in the thousands)" to book their private rooms. A room that fits 30 is even harder to come by.

          You're honestly not gonna find anything for less than $60pp; unless you're willing to do ethnic with VERY little ambiance. I'd suggest Congee Village.

          1. I thought this was some sort of troll post at first. Even disregarding the private area request, $15 per person average bill is pretty much impossible to come by at any restaurant in NYC. Even a burger with fries will set you back more than that.

            Your best option is probably Olive Garden. Even Red Lobster entrees are over $15.