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Nov 7, 2013 02:05 PM

The Battle of the Prep Bowls.....whaddya pick

My current prep bowls is mix of SS and small glass ones. The glass ones are my mise en place, and my SS bowls is a hodgepodge of some Rosle SS bowls as well as 2 very old 2 qt Mixing Bowls from a stand mixer of some sorts.

Fast forward today. I did not pickup new Rosles as they are made in PRC and not worth the $ they ask for. They nest/stack well but they also have a slight sharp lip to them.

Picked up Cusipro Definitive SS Bowl- did not nest well at all, and 2 of them showed slight rusting overnight after washing them. Returned them...

I then ordered another set of Amazon. Tovlos. They seem okay. Nest well. Appears possibly to be made in the same cookie cutter factory as Cusipros Possibly. AKA - Both made in India. One bowl showed a slight rust spot. I ran steel wool over it, washed has not come back.

Then I came across another BOWL. It's a bit different than all prep bowls I've used in that the bowls are wide and lower. SPACE hogs on the shelf, price is reasonable + it's Made in Germany, which is a ++++ in my book.

Weight for weight, the 3 qt German one is Heavier than the Tovolo one. Which = more steel.

CH. Whaddya say
I can't seem to choose between the 2.
I guess I'm a bit thrown off by how wide these bowls are.....
Some pics.

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  1. I'm curious if you're quite young or new to cooking. I can't imagine having to buy such things. I have so many, many bowls that can be used for prepping everything under the sun. Maybe things that were once part of a set, i.e., a single Pyrex bowl, a pottery bowl that I picked up at a yard sale, all sorts of serving bowls, big and small, old and not so old. I do have a little set of Pyrex bowls (the itty bitty ones). I can "mise en place" countless ingredients and never come close to using everything. That's just me though.

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      Can't speak for the OP, but I've never had any truly small bowls and about 5 years ago I grew weary of cobbled-together mise en place (a tablespoon of tomato sauce in a cereal bowl? Seriously?) so bought a whole mess of Duralux bowls in 2, 4 and 8oz sizes. Didn't cost a fortune, either.

      Last year I decided I wanted some steel mixing bowls because my ceramics were old, wearing out and heavy. After scouring all kinds of thrifts, yard sales and such, I finally found my bowls on Amazon this year. The tiny-to-huge, low, wide nesting type.

      Between the two purchases I think I paid ~$60, not bad. More importantly, I finally have the right tool for the job. Yay!

      1. re: c oliver

        I've got a stash of those small Pyrex ramekins that I sometimes use for mise en place, but I've started using 3-ounce and 6-ounce cheapo paper cups for holding relatively small amounts of lots of different ingredients, like when I'm doing Asian or Indian cooking. Just use 'em and toss 'em.

      2. Part of it is replacing more heavier glass/ceramics, , etc with lighter weight SS for the wifey, who's arthritic hands would benefit from having more SS bowls around. We both still love to cook - but she's had one or 2 mishaps lately with the heavier bowls, removing them...

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        1. re: chefwong

          Poor her. At 66 I'm still hanging in there alright in that regard. Perhaps she should be the one deciding then.

        2. In my kitchen currently are a lot of stainless steel bowls, shallow, stacking, in graduated sizes, which I got on the web from a restaurant supply place, very inexpensive so I got 3 each of the larger ones and 10 of the smaller ones, which I use for ingredients as I go. Then I have larger ceramic bowls, quite heavy, for doughs and other heavy jobs. They range from 6" to 14". I am looking for a 16" vintage bowl to match the set, but haven't found it yet in my price range. I was thinking about getting some of those stainless bowls with the silicone bottoms, but find that a damp towel does an adequate job of holding the bowl firm, as does one of the big silicone potholder/trivets.

          1. I've got the OXO stainless bowls. They nest really well and have a tacky bottom which is awesome. That was the selling point for me. Nothing worse than a bowl sliding around on you when you're trying to work!

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            1. re: Kleraudio

              wet dishcloth or paper towel or silicon pot holder or no-slip mats used in the bottom of cupboards from the dollar store solve the sliding issue for any bowl/cutting board

              1. re: TeRReT

                Totally agree with all those solutions. Why buy something "special" when there are easy ways to deal with something?

                1. re: c oliver

                  Yes, very true. I need a few more bowls too. I think I'll go that route :)

            2. $3 restaurant supply bowls at my parents house is what I used to use, now I have room for only 1 plastic bowl and it makes life a challenge.

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              1. re: TeRReT

                I know it's not a contest, but I got even cheaper ones for mise en place: 2 sets of 4 plastic small (quite small for 1 set, quite quite small for the 2nd set) bowls for 99 cents/set. Bought 2 sets, and I'm happily mise-ing.

                I also have a hodge-podge of old Pyrex and SS bowls from a variety of decades--works fine.

                Kinda reminds me of the $20 Rachel Ray "garbage bowl."