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Nov 7, 2013 01:41 PM

Taco bar (taquiza?) catering via To-Go

I ask the collective wisdom of Chowhound-SD for help. Trying to put together a small celebratory party and looking to buy the full spread for tacos. The event is kind of last minute and the hosts can't afford to get a regular catering deal (like Tacos & Gorditas, and most places have a 50 person minimum) so we are looking for something we can pickup and take to the event (calling ahead 1-2 days is fine).

I know Pancho Villa and Northgate have familia orders (usually for about 7 people) but we have 20-25 people so are looking for something larger. If they package them in the disposable trays that would be best. My espanol is terrible, so a place that can handle english would be very helpful. Any suggestions?


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  1. What exactly are you looking for in terms of menu and what's the budget?

    1. You can try Porkyland in La Jolla. They speak pretty good English at PV and Northgate, don't let that stop you from trying.

      1. What part of town?

        Vallarta in National City and Escondido

        Pancho Villa -order 4 Familia meals

        Northgate is everywhere.

        Kaelins Mi Pueblo in East County

        1. we are located in central San Diego. Budget is around $150 max. We would like a few different meats, beans, rice, salsa, tortillas, and possibly guac.

          If we were to order 4 family meals at Pancho villa or Northgate do they need to be ordered ahead of time?

          Thanks again

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            If you went to Northgate they seem to have multiple kinds of meat prepared by the lb. They usually have fish ceviche for about $5/lb or various seafood aquachiles and ceviches up to about 7.99/lb. You could easily get 10lbs of various ones without calling ahead.

            I have bought 25 tamales without calling ahead.

            They have full size disposable serving trays to pack large orders.

            I think you could walk in and get food for 25 but you may need some flexibility about what you get

          2. How 'bout having the La Fachada truck make a visit? I've had friends do this, with great results. Your numbers warrant the entire menu. Though I've considered having them visit my house for a solo meal, so...