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Nov 7, 2013 01:29 PM

Aurelio's Pizza?

anyone tried Aurilio's on Hamline in Roseville?

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  1. Many times. They have awesome pizza and lasagna. It’s a great choice for vegetarians because of the spinach options. We love their meatball pizza. We have friends who come and visit us just so they can go there.

    1. I love Aurelio's (correct spellng), especially their Mushroom, spinach, and tomato. I used to work close by, so I've had may fair share of their pizza.

      1. I wonder if the other 39 Aurelio's locations are as good as the one in Roseville?

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          Yup, it's a chain. If you want to drive to Illinois or Indiana to check out the other ones, be sure to let us know how they compare.