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OK, just what the neighborhood by the Beverly Center didn't need, another coffee/smoothie/yogurt shop....or so I thought....I've been back 3 times now....this S. Korean based chain is a real hit with my family tho and fills a somewhat more organic/healthy twist on the usual suspects....5 kinds of lemonade, wonderful mango and coconut juice, and smoothies, shakes, fancy organic coffee drinks, nice pastries (amazing bread pudding with dark chocolate and a hint of grand marnier)...they don't do everything, but what they do, they do quite well. I like the different take on fro-yo (organic blueberry, vegan strawberry) and toppings: honey comb, diced kiwi, diced mango, and more...free sample thingies...they have some salads, paninis etc which i didn't try....free valet parking, nice and friendly service, clean asian/fastfood kind of look, outdoor patio...


Third Street between La Cienega and Orlando

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