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Nov 7, 2013 12:24 PM

Chopped Challenge: BBQ Dessert

Think you could pull it off? What would you do?

UPDATE: By BBQ dessert I mean a dessert made with BBQ sauce in it.

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  1. Not sure I understand your question, but the only dessert to have with bbq is Peach Cobbler.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Or banana pudding...

      I think the OP is referring to cooking dessert on a bbq grill? In that case, many fruits can be successfully grilled as can different types of cake. A rustic pie also can be grilled; I like to do a grilled turnover with pie crust and already grilled fruit.

      1. re: Cherylptw

        No, sorry for the confusion. When I say BBQ dessert, I don't mean a grilled dessert, or a dessert you eat at a BBQ party, I mean a dessert made with BBQ sauce in it.

    2. I'm wondering if you could you find a way to make a good dessert with bbq sauce in it. I was just thinking of how sweet BBQ is and the thought occurred to me. Ever seen the show "Chopped?" I like challenges like this. It's almost like a puzzle. :)

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      1. re: gastronomics

        You could add it to the liquid in a cobbler but enhance it with fruit juice or even using brown sugar to change the flavor profile.

        1. re: gastronomics

          "I was just thinking of how sweet BBQ is..."

          Not in North Carolina. Our bbq sauce is vinegar based and is anything but sweet. Not many desserts have vinegar as a primary component.

          1. re: carolinadawg

            *nods* Probably have to use a sweeter sort.

            1. re: carolinadawg

              A couple ideas I thought a BBQ dessert could maybe be built from:

              Smores are a smokey dessert.

              Potato chips are sometimes used in desserts.

              Desserts with chillis aren't so unheard of.

              1. re: gastronomics

                So now I'm still confused, are you saying you would add bbq sauce to smores? Dessert with chiles are more heard of in other cultures like Mexico where chiles are used a lot. They pair well with coconut, chocolate, caramel and berries.

                1. re: Cherylptw

                  "are you saying you would add bbq sauce to smores?"

                  Not necessarily, but I might play with the idea of smores - the mildly sweet cracker, the chocolate, smokey sweet marshmallow. Maybe incorporate a little BBQ into the chocolate? Play with the cracker?

          2. I'd use it in a sweet/tangy chile gastrique with grilled peaches and vanilla ice cream

            1. Nice challenge. Good timing, as my fridge is in the midst of the pre-Thanksgiving clean out, and everything is on the line for stay-or-go. One thing that's not yet met judgement is the jar of barbecue sauce we bought late summer after The Hub bought 90,000 heat unit cayenne for his sauce recipe instead of 30,000. Wasn't going to fly, heatwise, with our family crowd, so we're left with the leftover commercial stuff that stepped in. I had to experiment just to see.

              I'm not a big sweets eater, but lately I have been liking a piece of toast with lemon curd and a bit of salt. Occasionally I'll sprinkle some smoked paprika on top, simply because I love smoked paprika. Hmm..smokey taste + lemon curd? I tested this just now. A little blob of barbecue sauce blended with some sour cream and a bit of honey. A dab of this mix went on top of a toast point with lemon curd. Very nice (although I don't think the honey was necessary in hindsight); the tart lemon flavor with the smokey barbecue sauce was quite appealing, at least to me.

              Might be an interesting jumping-off point: tart citrus dessert with a barbecue sauce and sour dairy topping. Let's just say this: the experiment was good enough that I saved the rest of the BBQ/sour cream blend as topping for our evening snack of toast and lemon curd.

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              1. re: cayjohan

                I like the fruit ideas from you and seamunky. Since I saw the biggest hurdle being the savory tomato base, I was trying to think of more dessert friendly ingredients I would sub for tomatoes. Like the way I enjoy balsamic with both tomatoes and strawberries. :)

              2. I once made pulled pork ice cream. I made a vanilla base, then swirled in some pulled pork and finally a ribbon of sauce. It was different. I won't make it again.