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Nov 7, 2013 10:50 AM

Spice Mystery off of Mopac / North of Parmer - who's tried it??

Anyone been? The name alone, for starters, is ridiculous. I went here yesterday around 12:30 to check it out and not a soul was dining there but the lights were on over the buffet. I walk in and am ignored by the Pakistani David Hasselhoff at the front and was greeted by the nice hostess. I am immediately blown away by the wretched smell of burnt, old oil and knew I had better peer at the line and leave. They had some sort of dried out looking dark meat kabobs, daal, saag, plain rice, and some other stuff all of which looked pretty brown / old. I smiled and left and Hasselhoff didn't say a word. Just played with his phone. I give that place about one month, tops.

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  1. we drove by it once night and i commented on the name. i wondered what the mystery was. seems like you figured it out-- the mystery is how they're still open.

    1. Yesterday I saw their banner by sheer coincidence around noon. Feeling bold, I decided to try. Not totally horrible, but not worth returning to. One couple left as I entered, we were the only customers. No bad odors, waitress quite friendly, as you mentioned, no sign of Hasselhoff-sahib.

      Meat heavy, each meat dish was far more "soup" than meat. Daal undercooked, strangely super dense jamuns, flavorless eggplant. The saag and daal were suprisingly spicy though, a nice surprise. Terrible "fresh" naan.

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        well given the low foot traffic, I think it's good news at least you're well enough to send a report. thanks for that. you took one for the team, for sure.