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Nov 7, 2013 09:19 AM

Dairy Restaurant for Lunch in Brooklyn

I'm looking for recommendations for a good milchig restaurant in Brooklyn for a weekday lunch on a day-trip to NY. (I've searched the site but didn't find a lot of recent discussions.)

Something middle-of-the-road would be great - we're not looking for a pizza joint (well, unless it's amazing) or something outrageously expensive. So, what's your favorite dairy restaurant in Brooklyn?


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  1. I really like Basil, in Crown Heights, but I am not up on the eateries Brooklyn overall. I'm looking forward to the opening of Mason & Mug, but it's not yet an option.

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      I love Orchidea for lunch because its buffet style and the food is really good. Buffet not available on Friday, though. I also like Savor (I think Ave P). And Spoons. Big portions, especially if you order pasta. It can get noisy, but service is pretty good and the food, too, us good.

    2. What part of Brooklyn? If you're in the downtown area, try Wild Ginger.

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        Sorry to have been vague. We're mainly going to be in the Boro Park/Flatbush area. Although we'll travel further for something worthwhile. :-)

        Thanks for the suggestions so far!

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          Basil would be worth the drive.

      2. I'm old school - i've said it before on chowhound and will say it again - it's not cool but i like garden of eat-in, on avenue j. it's not fancy but there's something for everyone. pancakes? got 'em. waffles or french toast? sure. mac and cheese? sushi? tuna or salmon? eggs and hash browns? yup!

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          Haven't been there for a while, but I used to enjoy Food is cheap and good.. Spoons is also good.

        2. I like Cafe Renaissance in Flatbush. It has a good variety of dishes; it's also a nice place. I couldn't find their website, but here's their writeup on Great Kosher Restaurants: