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Nov 7, 2013 08:28 AM

When Your Order Is Not What You Ordered

This requires me to make an embarrassing admission, my guilty secret is that I occasionally crave the fish sandwich at McDonald's. OK, that secret out of the way, I ordered one for lunch yesterday while driving around all day for work. When I opened it up, I did not see the familiar flaky breaded fish fillet, but two gray beef patties covered by a large dripping glop of tarter sauce. It just looked so abnormal and gross, it made me gag and then burst out laughing. I returned it and the staff were equally grossed out at the sight of the sandwich and started jokingly blaming each other as to who had made it. I received my actual fish sandwich and left, but it started me thinking, has anyone else been unpleasantly surprised by an order?

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  1. This is why I always order at the counter and check before leaving. Mistakes happen. The drive up window is convenient, but walking in is usually faster.

    1. Anytime we get a mix up it is an unpleasant surprise because it isn't what you wanted.

      1. I believe the great Joe Pesci as Leo Getz summed this up pretty well, enjoy;

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          Too funny! I needed a good laugh today.

        2. I can't go through McD's drive thru's anymore except for the rare trip with Ben the Hound to get him a summer treat of vanilla soft serve. Too much mishegas in drive thru windows except for my morning coffee.

          This did once happen to me in a sit down restaurant--it was an honest mistake. I normally order a salad with salmon on it. Our serve was slammed and heard me agreeing with my H that the London Broil special looked good; through a miscommunication, she thought we were going to double down on the same dinner/sides, and ended up bringing two to our table, and it was fine, and very good. No big deal. But if it were an unappetizing mistake? Back it would go.

          1. If it had cheese on it, I would've eaten it.

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              You're alive!!! I guess I'll take down the missing posters I put up all over Squan! Cancel the milk carton campaign, it's all good, he's alive, I have him!

              Actually thinking about it a burger with tarter sauce probably wouldn't be too bad, especially with cheese on it!

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                A simple, drunken, "foodie call". I'm out for a spell. Z has things to tend to:

                And, your posters had an image of a clean shaven, hatless fellow with short hair. Wearing a shirt??? What'd you use, my RBC Yearbook photo?

                Oh, and this:

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                  Haha jr. This is why I love you. Whenever my best friend goes MIA for a day or 2, I say the same thing in a very dramatic fashion when she finally calls back. This isn't that unusual for her, as she's usually just been shacked up with her bf for the weekend, but being the single friend that I, I'm super needy.

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                    Thank you Sara, I'm that guy who always has his eye on his friends. I guess that even transcends into this realm as well. If you ever find yourself in a Chow battle, I got your back! lol

                    Aren't we suppose to be planning cocktails? My inbox remains empty kids!

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                      I plan cocktails every night just never show up.