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When Your Order Is Not What You Ordered

This requires me to make an embarrassing admission, my guilty secret is that I occasionally crave the fish sandwich at McDonald's. OK, that secret out of the way, I ordered one for lunch yesterday while driving around all day for work. When I opened it up, I did not see the familiar flaky breaded fish fillet, but two gray beef patties covered by a large dripping glop of tarter sauce. It just looked so abnormal and gross, it made me gag and then burst out laughing. I returned it and the staff were equally grossed out at the sight of the sandwich and started jokingly blaming each other as to who had made it. I received my actual fish sandwich and left, but it started me thinking, has anyone else been unpleasantly surprised by an order?

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  1. This is why I always order at the counter and check before leaving. Mistakes happen. The drive up window is convenient, but walking in is usually faster.

    1. Anytime we get a mix up it is an unpleasant surprise because it isn't what you wanted.

      1. I believe the great Joe Pesci as Leo Getz summed this up pretty well, enjoy;


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          Too funny! I needed a good laugh today.

        2. I can't go through McD's drive thru's anymore except for the rare trip with Ben the Hound to get him a summer treat of vanilla soft serve. Too much mishegas in drive thru windows except for my morning coffee.

          This did once happen to me in a sit down restaurant--it was an honest mistake. I normally order a salad with salmon on it. Our serve was slammed and heard me agreeing with my H that the London Broil special looked good; through a miscommunication, she thought we were going to double down on the same dinner/sides, and ended up bringing two to our table, and it was fine, and very good. No big deal. But if it were an unappetizing mistake? Back it would go.

          1. If it had cheese on it, I would've eaten it.

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              You're alive!!! I guess I'll take down the missing posters I put up all over Squan! Cancel the milk carton campaign, it's all good, he's alive, I have him!

              Actually thinking about it a burger with tarter sauce probably wouldn't be too bad, especially with cheese on it!

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                A simple, drunken, "foodie call". I'm out for a spell. Z has things to tend to: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9053...

                And, your posters had an image of a clean shaven, hatless fellow with short hair. Wearing a shirt??? What'd you use, my RBC Yearbook photo?

                Oh, and this: http://www.bobdylan.com/us/songs/ball...

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                  Haha jr. This is why I love you. Whenever my best friend goes MIA for a day or 2, I say the same thing in a very dramatic fashion when she finally calls back. This isn't that unusual for her, as she's usually just been shacked up with her bf for the weekend, but being the single friend that I, I'm super needy.

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                    Thank you Sara, I'm that guy who always has his eye on his friends. I guess that even transcends into this realm as well. If you ever find yourself in a Chow battle, I got your back! lol

                    Aren't we suppose to be planning cocktails? My inbox remains empty kids!

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                      I plan cocktails every night jr....you just never show up.

              2. I had the experience of going to my crappy neighborhood Chinese and ordering some eggplant dish. When it arrived it was something pork with not an eggplant in sight. When I called the waiter over, he looked at it, shrugged and said, 'bad translation' before walking off. We couldn't help cracking up and ever since then that's become the code for you can't always get what you want...

                1. This happened to us. We went to barbecue place. , my husband ordered a pork sandwich telling the waitress he was sick of beef as he had eaten alot of beef that week.

                  Waitress brings sandwiches plops it down. Husband takes a bite and asks me to taste the sandwich as he doesn't think it's pork. I tell him he's right, it is indeed beef.

                  He calls waitress over, tells her. She shrugs her shoulders and says oh well, the beef is better and walks away.

                  This restaurant is not known for its service but we like the food.

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                    When I was a kid, we stopped at a diner on our way home from vacation. Everything Mom ordered they said they were out of. So she ordered a BLT sandwich.

                    She was served two pieces of white toast with lettuce and tomato between them. "We're out of bacon," the waitress said.

                    My dad got up and said, "Enough." And we left.

                  2. I was at Rubio's getting a fish taco last week during lunch rush and I was impressed with the manager. Before any to-go order was given out, she opened each container to make sure what was ordered was the same as what was inside. Out of the two dozen I saw her check, she sent one back because of an error and another back because she didn't think it looked good. If only all places that did takeout were that careful.

                    1. There's been a few times I've been given the wrong dish. Sometimes I will take the wrong dish. This depends on

                      1. How hungry am I and how long will the replacement take?
                      2. How much am I spending?
                      3. Do I like the incorrect dish?

                      I always seem to be hungry and haven't exactly got the patience of a saint so it's mainly down to the first point.

                      1. Too funny! But this is why I don't like to go to drive-ups...you just can't seem to get it right...and it is hard to check to see if the order is right when its to go..and when there are often people in a hurry behind you.

                        Actually, I stopped going to drive-ups for just this reason. And today I broke my rule; long story, but I thought I had the day off until someone called in sick, and I didn't have time to make my usual lunch. And I didn't have time to sit down for lunch, so went to a local taco place (not a chain) that happens to have a drive-up.

                        Me: "Can I have a side of quacamole with my taquitos?" Voice on the microphone: "Oh, they come with quacamole; no need to pay for it on the side" Great, except, yep, you guessed it, no guac when I finally unwrapped my food to eat it. At least they remembered the salsa......

                        1. It wasn't a drive-up for me. I walked into Baja Taco, and ordered a fish taco with corn tortilla--an option there. I received a fish taco with a flour tortilla. When I took it back the manager said "That IS a corn tortilla." I ate it and left, but I am never going back.

                          1. IF I went to McDonald's, and I ordered, well, pretty much any thing on their menu, I'd be very disappointed that what I ordered (supposedly food) is not what I received (something resembling disgusting looking and tasting matter).

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                              Went to a chain restaurant and choose from the pretty pictures of each main. I ordered something that showing egg noodles in the photo. Food arrived. No egg noodles. Fries instead. Server told me egg noodles all gone. I wasn't happy but ate anyway. Ordered a pice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Pie arrived with a layer of dried up what may have been whipped cream at one time. Lifted the layer off to find someone have taken a fork full out of the middle of the pumpkin. Fork marks were obvious. About thirty patrons. I moved from table to table and showed everyone what I had been served before we left.

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                                  That's disgusting ! Did you complain to management ?

                              1. Was on PA turnpike and we were getting hungry. Pull off at rest stop and went thru McD drive-thru line. I started eating IMMEDIATELY and said... we have to go back. Of course, was asked WHY?? Said burger was cold. Told suck it up, so it's not screaming hot right off the grill?? NO, it was COLD, like refrigerator cold!!

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                                  This past summer I was at Wendy's and ordered a JBC (jr. bacon cheeseburger) from their value menu (not for the cheap price, but just I don't need to eat a large-portioned 1/4-lb Single Stack).

                                  Got to the table, opened the wrapper and took a bite. Hmmm, something's missing ....... where's the patty ? WHERE'S THE BEEF ??? I immed. went back to the counter and asked for a new one, but I didn't harass them or anything, rather took a light-hearted approach by saying: "wasn't this your commercial slogan from the '80s ??" Too bad none of the young staff got it :-( I'm such an old curmudgeon, LOL.


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                                    It's reason to always customize a McDonald's sandwich order....

                                  2. This happens to me every time I go to Popeye's which I should know by now and remember to check but I don't. It could be the reason why I haven't been there in months. It's run by teenagers who really don't care and are even less helpful when you return with the wrong order asking for it to be sorted out.

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                                      Interestingly enough, Popeye's is one of the few chain places where I get my order exactly as I want it every time. And I have been known to go through their driveup when I've had a rough week and want some comfort.....

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                                        It's only this Popeye's but since it's the only local one it's my only current relevant experience. That place drives me bonkers. I would never dare the drive through there, it's only asking for trouble.

                                    2. Years ago, my friend & I decided we were going to order hero sandwiches from an Italian restaurant in our neighborhood and she was going to pick them up. She asked me what kind I wanted...I told her specifically "anything but eggplant" . I'm starving so I can't wait for my food to come. It smells good, I open it up and what did I get? NO. SHE. DIDN'T!!

                                      That's right..eggplant...I ended up peeling the eggplant off the hero and ate a sauce & cheese sammich! Not the restaurant's fault but that's what happens when you leave decisions to other people...lol...

                                      1. Yeah, local place put ground beef on my taco salad (beef is nowhere in the description, I checked and re-checked after I discovered the error). I do not eat meat so obviously this was a problem lol. Called the place up; employee couldn't really understand that I did *not* want the beef lol. I asked for a replacement meatless salad and they said ok. We ended up keeping the beefy salad because my boyfriend does eat meat, and the restaurant would have just threw it out. It's kinda funny, cause even though meat was NOWHERE in the description for the salad, it still crossed my mind to ask them to make sure there's no meat on it. I decided against it, thinking I'd sound paranoid/redundant! Guess I will ask next time lol!

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                                          You didn't know the whole point of a taco salad is the pile of ground beef? A taco salad is as meatless as a steak salad. Its not about the lettuce, but the meat. Have you ever seen this commercial from the Budweiser real men of genius series?


                                        2. We recently went to a restaurant and my husband ordered a few sushi rolls. Here was the description of one:

                                          Rainbow Roll
                                          tuna, hamachi, salmon, fluke, tobiko

                                          However, when it arrived, it was also filled with cucumber and avocado...2 things that my husband loathes. We are not complainers but it did not say that there was cucumber or avocado in the roll so I urged him to send it back. They were nice about it and brought a replacement fairly quickly.

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                                            Would you have sent it back if it contained rice and you didn't like rice? Rarely will any menu list every ingredient in each item. Rolls in sushi restaurants often contain ingredients such as cucumber and avocado. Yes, the restaurant was being very nice in replacing the rainbow roll.

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                                              This was not a "sushi restaurant". It was a seafood restaurant that offered about 10 sushi rolls as part of their menu. The other 9 rolls on the menu listed cucumber and/or avocado as an ingredient. Why not list them in the description for this particular roll?

                                              And the definition of sushi includes vinegared rice so if one is ordering sushi, that person should know that there is rice. If that person doesn't like rice and orders sushi, then that person is just dumb.

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                                                Nevertheless consider it a learning experience…sushi rolls frequently have multiple unlisted ingredients such as cucumber, nori, wasabi, avocado, asparagus, crabmeat, rice, etc. If there are specific ingredients that you do not like, you really should let the sushi chef know upfront.

                                          2. I was once at a chain steakhouse (not Outback) in southern NJ and ordered the *boneless* NY strip only to be presented with an overcooked slab of cow with a very large bone in it. On top of the presence of bone, anatomical evidence (bone and meat) suggested that the muscle wasn't even from the striploin.

                                            The section manager was reluctant to change the plate and spent time explaining that their *boneless* NY strip was a Kansas City style steak and intentionally butchered that way.

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                                              1. I have had the experience of ordering a "sandwich" and being served a large wet mess on a plate: