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Nov 7, 2013 08:23 AM

Fat Choy at the Eureka Casino on Sahara

Since we've been on Las Arepas recently, I thought I'd put something up about this wonderful little place, not far away. I recently had lunch a couple of times at Fat Choy, and I'm more impressed than ever. They seem to be improving what they do, and it was pretty darned good in the first place. For those who haven't been there, Fat Choy has about the least likely location of any good restaurant in Vegas. It's in the locals casino, the Eureka, not far from the strip on Sahara. Used to be the coffee shop for the Eureka, and it retains a few casino coffee shop standards on the menu.

My favorite ingredient there is the braised short rib, available as part of several dishes. My favorite is probably the short rib rice; this is simply perfect short rib. If you find something better: a) it won't be priced like this, and b) please tell us about it -- I'll be there.

Menu is at Note that I think the menu posted there might be out of date; I think the short rib bao (basic, great Chinese street food, small buns wrapped around the meat, served two to an order) is back, although it's not on the online version of the menu. Ambience is about what you'd expect (smoke drifting over from the casino wasn't a problem for me, but if you're sensitive to second hand smoke, this place might not be for you). It's a pleasant, clean space, nicely lit with tables, counter, and booths. Service is good-to-great. I believe they serve a somewhat shorter menu on Sunday, so you might plan your first visit on another day of the week.

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  1. I've considered it, but it's pretty tough to stop there, when Lotus of Siam is is about two blocks further.

    1. Can't argue with that! But my capsicum allergy slows me down badly at Lotus. Plus Fat Choy might be a lunch alternative; it's better than the small lunch buffet at Lotus, in my experience.

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        I see Fat Choy as more of a possible alternative for off-hours like mid-afternoon, when Lotus is closed. For lunchtime at Lotus, we skip the buffet and order from the menu. Just sayin'.

        1. re: Steve Green

          Give Fat Choy a chance - it is really good food at a bargain price. I went on a Sunday at Brunch and they did a really great job.

          1. re: uhockey

            My wife and I have done both lunch and the Sunday-only brunch. Here is a write-up I did recently for a trip report I posted on several Las Vegas discussion boards:

            This restaurant now offers a Sunday only brunch menu. There were no other diners during our entire visit so finding a table did not present a major problem. Ann ordered a traditional eggs Benedict while I sought gold by choosing the Fat Benedict. The latter is served with pork belly rather than the traditional Canadian bacon. Each was as close to perfection as possible – toasted English muffins, easy over eggs and a delicious Hollandaise sauce. Both came with freshly prepared home fries. Our server was very friendly and took care of all our needs. Prior to departing we had the opportunity to talk to and compliment the chef.

            1. re: westie

              The Rotie and the Shrimp Toast are both pretty killer, as are the duck buns. Take a pass on the chicken n' waffles - they should do them Korean style or something novel imo.