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Nov 7, 2013 08:08 AM

Napa Valley ..need help on restaurants..what's your top 5?

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary in Yountville and need to know what restaurants are the places to go for fantastic and delicious food.
We were there 4 years ago and went to Bottega (very disappointed with service and food...but shall we give it a try again?), Cindy's Back Porch,
and Brix.
Now we want something seafood, love steak, California cuisine..
so what's your top 5 places that we must experience?

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  1. This kind of query arises about once a day on this board, so have you searched on past "Napa Valley" topics to find, and ask further about, some possibilities yet? That would help people to guide you more specifically, without rehashing frequent past recommendations.