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Nov 7, 2013 07:21 AM

Missing California but visiting Houston

I'm from Southern California but haven't lived there for the past 9 years so I still miss the food. We drove to Houston so I'm hoping to take some good Mexican food back home with me. We have a 6 hour drive home. Where is the best Mexican grocery store or resturant to stop at on the way out of town? We're staying in the galleria area and leave tomorrow. Any dinner ideas for tonight too?

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  1. Fiesta will be your best bet for a grocery. You'll love it. Just Google it; they're all over. As for dinner, you have lots of choices in the Galleria area.

    You can search here for some fairly recent suggestions, or give us a little more criteria to work with and we'll try to help.

    What type of cuisine, price point, etc? As I noted just a couple of days ago when someone posted a similar question, I can't help with haute cuisine, but if you're looking for a taco or a dumpling, I'm your guy.

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      The Fiesta at Bellaire and Hillcroft is not to be missed. It's like being in Mexico, you can even get dental work done.

    2. Which way out of town, N,E, or West?

      1. Fiesta is fine, but they vary significantly in size and quality...the best Mexican market by far (other than the backyard at Caninos but that's mostly during the weekend) is Mi Tienda:

        You should also drive up Airline just before you get to 610 on your way out of town and stop in a few places...El Bolillo for instance:

        and Flores Spices:

        Flores has some amazing mole (usually) for sale at the register...

        1. Also, if you're still looking for food tonight, I'd just ride down Westheimer and go to Hugos. Not going to find better Mexican than that.