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Dinner near the merriam Theater

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My husband and I are going to see Elvis Costello on Sunday night at the merriam theater. We want a nice dinner before hand that's close by. Any suggestions. ( we are pretty open as to type of food. Hoping for moderately priced)

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  1. Estia has a pre theatre prix fixe menu that will fit your bill, though they will try to up sell you. Basic greek food.

    Amis on Sunday does a sunday gravy dinner with housemade meatballs and pasta that is pretty reasonable. Dinner service starts at 5pm.

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      +1 for Estia; we have availed ourselves of the pre theater a few times and found it enjoyable, a good variety of items and just the right size for us pre-theater.

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        This sounds great. I've made a reservation for Sunday. Thanks for the advice!

    2. There are so many wonderful places on 13th street, between Walnut and Chestnut. Some favorites are:
      Zavino: Pizza + wine
      Opa: Greek
      The Corner: New American
      Barbuzzo: Mediterranean small plates
      These places are not necessarily upscale but the food is very good and the environment convivial.

      And lots others. You can check out the Midtown Village website:http://midtownvillage.org/

      I haven't been, but if you want something more experimental, Sbraga is supposed to be great: http://sbraga.com/
      It's a $50 prix fixe always I think.