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Nov 7, 2013 05:50 AM

kouign amann at Flour

Joanne calls it Breton butter cake. Anyone had it? Recently had a most delicious one from Lee Napoli's Bread and Butter. simply divine. Heading to Flour tomorrow for almond croissants, twice baked brioche and my first shot at her version of this elusive confection.

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  1. tweets, Flour's was mentioned, iirc, a few months ago when there were 2? diff KA threads.... So far (I've only had KA at ChocoLee and at Five Corners Kitchen, Marblehead- where it is on the Brunch menu [I sincerely cannot imagine anyone being able to handle a KA after a decadent 5Corners Kitchen Eggs Benedict!] ) Both versions were too over- the- top rich for me. I'm wondering how it compares in France....and I'm guessing that both Joanne and Lee feel better hedging their bets (re:authenticity) by calling it Breton Butter Cake and Queen's Pastry, respectively.

    1. I had it at Flour a few months back. I asked the girl behind the counter for the kouign amann, and she didn't know what I was talking about, then I pointed to it. To her credit, she went back into the kitchen to find out if that's another name for the same pastry, which she confirmed.

      I haven't had it elsewhere so I don't have a basis for comparison but I found it too sweet to for my tastes.

      1. Chang has a recipe for kouign amann in Flour, Too, so you could do a comparison with traditional recipes.

        1. I was underwhelmed by Flour's "Breton Butter Cake," so imagine my surprise when I was delighted with the results of the version now offered in the frozen pastry section at Trader Joe's!

          It requires about an eight hour rise, and then baking (I baked it a full ten minutes longer than the package called for--perhaps my oven is off). Really good! I posted about it on FB, and one of my friends commented that Whole Foods has them in the bakery section (they consider them "breakfast pastries'). Must try.

          I had tried to bake them at home about a year ago, a lot of time and effort, with only middling results. I think this TJ version will absolutely hold me until my next trip to France (here's hoping)--unless they discontinue them the way they tend to (where are you, cannel├ęs?).