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May 7, 2005 02:27 PM

Recommendations near Dallas Presby Hospital?

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My wife is spending the next several weeks (months?) at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital (75 and Walnut Hill Lane) due to a difficult pregnancy. There's a small fridge in her room, a microwave up the hall and very unimpressive hospital food in her future!!!

Went over to Central Market yesterday to pick up lunch...and while I plan to bring her some home cooking regularly, I know that I'm going to want to take the easy way out at times too.

So I'm looking for all sorts of local suggestions for takeout food, prepared food (i.e. Eatzis/Central Market) etc. so that I can supplement her food intake with better choices.

Any and all types of suggestions are welcomed!

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  1. Gershwin's is at Walnut Hill and Greenville. It's a restaurant but I'm sure you could order and pick up.
    There are a number of restaurants including Dave & Buster's and Red Hot and Blue (bbq) west of the hospital at Walnut Hill and Central. And remember that just a bit south of Walnut Hill are Park and NW hwy with many choices such as Souper Salad, McCormick's and Schmick's, PF Chang, Cheesecake Factory, Blue Mesa, etc. All are right by Central.

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      There's a great sushi and hibachi place called Tokyo Nohana. It's on Greenville just north of Walnut Hill.

      It used ot be called Royal Tokyo.

      Their lunches are great - they have a revolving sushi lunch menu. I love their udons and often get cravings for it. Their hibachi menu is also great - very filling though so go hungry.

      Hope yr wife gets better :)

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      Dallas Alice

      Since you already know about Eatzi's and Central Market, I'll concentrate on retaurants that do take-out within a reasonable distance of Presby. Royal Thai, in the Old Town shopping center across Lover's Lane from Central Market, is quite good. Also in Old Town are Freebird's (burritos), Ghengis Grill (Mongolian barbeque), Fuddrucker's (burgers), and others that I don't so much recommend as point out their existence. Taj Mahal is on the west side of Central Expressway, at Meadow, for Indian. There's a sushi place at Greenville and Forest that used to be called Royal Tokyo but reopened with a new name I can't recall, and I've been told it's good. Momo's Italian on Forest at Greenville is good, but I don't know if they do take-out (I'd be surprised if they didn't). As Donnie C said, Presby is near Northpark shopping center. In addition to the places he mentioned, there's a La Madeleine inside (by Foley's, I believe). Across Central from Northpark, at Greenville and Park Lane, there's a Good Eats.

      If you don't mind driving a little more, your options open up a lot. On Greenville, less than a half-mile south of Mockingbird, you can get really good middle eastern take-out at Izmir Deli (I don't know if the companion restaurant, Cafe Izmir, a few doors away, does take-out, but if so, get some). Right nearby the Izmir places are Aw Shucks (good gumbo and fried seafood) and Blue Fish (good sushi). About a mile south of there on Greenville you hit a gold mine: Ali Baba (middle eastern), Dodie's (Cajun/Creole), Nuevo Leon (real Mexican, not Tex-Mex), Whole Foods Market, New Big Wong (o.k. Chinese, but read below for asian), and many others. In between the Izmir and Dodie's sections of Greenville are several other good places, but I don't know if they do take-out (Terrilli's, Greenville Bar & Grill, Blue Goose, etc.).

      At Central and Mockingbird (you could even take the train there from Presby) is Mockingbird Station, which has Cafe Express, Rockfish Grill, and Trinity Hall (good Irish pub food - next to the Angelika movie Theater), among others.

      Heading due east on Walnut Hill from Presby, at Jupiter, you hit an eastern jackpot -- a wonderful collection of family-owned asian places. My favorites over there are Arc-en-Ciel for dim sum, and Duy Tan for Vietnamese, but just about any of them will have really good chow.

      Best wishes to you and the missus.

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        Wow!!! Thanks to you and everyone else for the suggestions.... this should be more than enough to satisfy our appetites!

        1. re: Chuck

          Correction! The asian wonderland is at the corner of Walnut and Jupiter, not Walnut Hill and Jupiter -- take WH (turns into Kingsley) to Jupiter and go north. Sorry!