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Nov 7, 2013 12:09 AM

Parochial Brooklyn/Williamsburg Question

Hi, I am in NYC for 10days staying at my friend's base at Whyte and 3rd in Williamsburg, while he is out of the country.

I've done a bunch of research on "destination" food outings all over -- Arthur Ave, Flushing/Jackson Hts, South BK etc ... but I was wondering if anybody had do-not-miss/best-of-breed recs in that area -- say 5-6 blocks radius -- for quick lunch/late-night-snack/to go/cafe to hang out etc.

Specifically looking for cheapish/modest solo-friendly stuff ... pizza slices, burger, good sandos, tacos, shawarma, gyros. For "ethnic" places, if they have lunch plate or small items like steam table or order of dumplings, dosa etc ... that is all fine, but I cant do "family style" by myself or count on friends with "day jobs" to join me [although I did go to NEEROB BENGALI FOOD once and eat ~$45 in food by myself]. Similarly pizza place with only "whole pies" not ideal.

Also any recs for cafes to do a little laptop work [I have my own wifi, so that isnt needed]. It would be nice if it were a friendly and good people watching type spot ... ultomately I dont care about the quality of the coffee that much. Maybe a bar with decent food/HH that is also friendly?
[My previous base was near GRAND ARMY PLAZA, so I enjoyed say TEA LOUNGE].

Two additional things:
--Or are there so many obvious places near there, it's not really necessary to look for input [although I think it's still useful to get "best of breed"/unique options type input]

--And, I know it can be annoying when someone ask for advice and doesnt return feedback, so I'm happy to provide feedback if I have something meaningful to say.

Hope to finally make it to LUGAR for lunch on this trip after it getting
crowded out on my April and August visits.


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  1. Well the obvious thing to do is use the search function because Williamsburg is always asked about...also, it's Luger's...

    For some lunch ideas:

    -Caracas Arepas Bar for arepas
    -Northside Bakery does a great steam table with pierogies if you want dumplings, but lots of other good stuff that they cook fresh and you pay by weight
    -Egg is great for breakfast and serves it all day
    -La Superior can be good for Mexican or you can hoof over to Mexico 2000 and sit in the back of a bodega to eat tacos or chilaquiles
    -BrisketTown for BBQ
    -Maison Premiere from 4pm exactly to get a seat at the bar and enjoy about a dozen different types of $1 oysters
    -Venessa's Dumplings for the sesame pancake sandwiches (the dumplings can kinda suck at this location)
    -Cubana Social I think does an empanada counter. Not sure.
    -Stuff from Bedford Cheese Shop could make a nice lunch as well.

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    1. re: Silverjay

      Mr. Jay:

      Hi, thanks for those suggestions ... those look great!
      I did do some searching, e.g. oysters @MP, but I think most unearthed threads were a bit different from the "parochial" feed back [solo/narrow geog] I was looking for.

      I'm sure to hit a few of those and will advise about my experiences.


      1. re: psb

        I really liked the whole experience ... well as much of it as I indulged in ... at MP. Had 2 each of all of their East Coast oysters, a couple of shrimps, and a pretty good cocktail (so didnt have a solid meal there). I thought the little details and general ambiance were great ... it was almost like a show.

        Then went to BK VANESSA DUMPLING:
        I really did not think much of the 3-4 types of boiled dumplings I tried. The potstickers were pretty good. I was initially a little disappointed by the apparently dearth of duck in the peking duck sesame sando, but I took it with me and pulled it out of my bag a couple of hrs later as I walked down HOUSTON to the EXPERIMENTAL COCKTAIL CLUB and thought it was great. It's certainly a nicer dining environment than PROSPERITY DUMPLING. I still have not analyzed LAM ZHOU DUMPLING ... in the "ultra cheap" category.

        BTW, ECC BLACKHEART cocktail was probably better than MP's. The guys at ECC were prefessional, but it was clear they wanted to shutdown on a slow night. The fellow at the door was friendly tho. I think it is a good date spot.

        I had some kind of variation on a MOSCOW MULE called a MOSCOW MOLLY at the GREENPOINT PENCIL FACTORY. I liked both the drink and the space ... although the drink basically seemed to be a well-execuated MOSCOW MULE.

        Dinner at CAFE TRISKELL (Queens/Astoria) was pretty good. I was catching up with some friends and sitting at the bar wasnt the most comfortable, so I didnt pay as much attention to the food, but it was good value for money. My least favorite item actually was the savory crepe. The few MOULES I tried were good and the broth very good ... very "dip worthy" [with the pre-dinner bread]. We were picking which dessert crepes to have, when the proprietor announced we were taking too long and he knew what he was going to make us ... he ended up making two of the simplest and I wanted to try a fruit-based one, but they ended up being very good and a lighter option also turned out to be better. These dessert crepes were definitely executed better than any others I have had. note: one of the friends I came with has eaten here 50-100 times, so the proprietor knew her ... which is probably yhe only reason he took those "liberties" ... but it was still kinda odd. Although certainly he had no motive like an upsell as they were probably the cheapest options. I would have made up my mind quickly had CREPE SUZETTE had been on the menu ... now I am kind of hankering for one of those before I leave.

    2. Brunch? Lunch? Good bar--Le Barricou!

      1. As Sivlerjay said Egg. I like it for pancakes and bacon