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Nov 6, 2013 09:29 PM

Gluten-Free Holiday Dish for (his) Extended Family

**duplicated from original post in Home Cooking**
So, I'm going to be meeting the boyfriend's extended family for Christmas. I know his mom is gluten-free, and as far as I know nobody else has dietary restrictions. Without going over the top, we'd like to make something together to bring/contribute to the holiday meal. Any suggestions for something (probably either a pre-meal nibble or a dessert) that would be gluten-free, delicious, and accessible to an audience that includes several kids and not-so-adventurous eaters, and overall is not super spice-tolerant? Suggestions appreciated... I bake and cook, so pretty much anything goes!

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  1. if you want to bring snacks, try bringing something that will not require stove or oven space since they may be at full capacity by the time you get there.

    i fry up shrimp crackers as nibbles for cocktail times and serve with simple dip of mayo mixed with sambal sauce. people hoover them. you could make an avocado-based dip for non-spicy peeps.

    use rice-paper wraps and fill them either with a mix of crunchy veggies, and/or shredded chicken, shrimp or salmon. serve with a peanut dipping sauce.

    shrimp cocktail.

    deviled eggs with bacon mayo.

    salmon mousse with rice crackers.

    tapenade over polenta squares.

    1. Baked apples could be a great fall dessert- stuff the insides with a mix of gluten free oats, chopped walnuts, brown sugar and cinnamon- bake ahead, warm just before serving with whipped cream.

      A panna cotta or pot de creme would be gluten free.

      There are lots of delicious recipes for chocolate cake made with almond flour, or you can do a cheesecake with a raw pressed crust of dates and nuts.
      Chocolate truffles or fudge would also be gluten free

      1. I don't have a dessert to offer, but I do have this:

        Be sure to use gluten-free corn flakes. You can get those at most health food stores.

        1. Not that I have any great recipes but you could try some savoury popcorns?

          1. For a pre-meal nibble I second hotoynoodle's suggestion of polenta bites, and you have a lot of other topping options - pesto, herbed goat cheese or ricotta, sun-dried tomato spread, mushroom ragout...

            Sweet or savory baked Brie (without pastry) served with gluten-free crackers would be nice.

            If you want more of a casual snack-type food you could make a couple of different varieties of candied/spiced nuts.

            Desserts that will appeal to all ages and can easily be made gluten-free: pumpkin pie; banana or chocolate cream pie; apple crisp or tart; gingerbread, fig or maple bars; pumpkin brownies or blondies; whoopie pies; and of course, ice cream!