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Nov 6, 2013 08:56 PM

Where to eat in Elmont, Franklin Square, New Hyde Park area?

This region is largely unexplored by me. What is worth visiting, any style? Markets, restaurants, cafes, bakeries. I will be staying there soon. Looking forward to trying new place. Thanks for any feedback.

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  1. For diner food in a building that doesn't look like a diner, it is popular with certain crowds:

    Alpine Restaurant
    11 Franklin Ave, Franklin Square, NY 11010
    (516) 354-5770

    For Thai style food:

    Frankly Thai
    959 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square, NY 11010
    (516) 616-4393

    There are good Italian delis and bakeries in the neighborhood, tastes differ from person to person. Prices are usually cheaper than surrounding nabes for deli sandwiches and good crusty Italian breads are around $1.25 a loaf :-)

    I like Rosselli's on Franklin Ave. for bread.

    Many like A&S Bagels. If you like bagel like products.

    There are a few fruit and vegetable markets to stock your fridge.

    In Elmont there is a great pizza place:

    Gino's Pizza
    1615 Dutch Broadway, Elmont, NY 11003
    (516) 561-6664

    This is NY Style pizza, not brick oven coal or wood, just good pizza. You may need to visit more than once to truly appreciate the pizza here.

    It is a great nabe. It needs more exploring. Chowhounding nabe indeed.

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    1. re: Gastronomos

      A great start!

      I went to Monreale bakery on Hempstead tpk, the bread and pastries were good and fresh. They seem to be family run. The news was on in Italian and a Sicilian flag on the wall.

      Definitely going to try Gino's.

      1. re: CCSPRINGS

        After a couple of visits to Gino's you may try Yardies Restaurant in Elmont for Caribbean, if you like. It is next on my list when I get that far west again. It's been recommended to me by some in the area for takeout. And a bit different I'm told from the Golden Crust in Elmont. And there are few Jerk joints as well scattered around.

        In Franklin Square there is the original location of Croxley Ales for a beer or two.

        For good deli sandwiches and other provisions try:
        Eastern Meat Farms
        721 Franklin Ave
        Franklin Square, NY 11010
        Phone number (516) 872-3450

        Valley Caterers is still liked by some. I remember it from back in the 1980's when it was great. Not as much anymore, but that's a long ago comparison. It's a food-to-go place.

        I mentioned Rosselli Bakery for good bread. Here's the address:
        122 Franklin Ave
        Franklin Square, NY 11010
        (516) 616-7769

        There used to be a REALLY GOOD, no, GREAT! Brick oven bakery on the border of Franklin Sq and Elmont years back, no more as they went to NJ back then. Now the best is still Rosselli's for bread in the nabe.

        Chowhounds on this board should be able to chime in with more rec's. This is a Chowhound nabe to be discovered.

        1. re: CCSPRINGS

          Did you get to try Gino's Pizza on Dutch Broadway in Elmont?

          1. re: CCSPRINGS

            went old school and ordered the chicken marsala with mushrooms at Gino's on Dutch Broadway in Elmont. I'm very happy I did. Not an ounce of veal or beef demi-glace nor beef broth or tomato paste or anything else that everyone puts in there that doesn't belong in chicken marsala with mushrooms. chicken in marsala sauce with mushrooms was very delicious and I might order this with a slice of pizza next time... but the garlic knots were fresh and soft and garlicky and, well, I'll take the pizza to go....


        2. This area has a ton of good stuff but here are a few things to check out...........

          Pizza: try King Umberto's, the best of the Umberto's, for excellent pizza including their signature Grandma slice. Also check out Eddies, a classic bar/pizzeria for the unique Bar Pie. Piccolo Gourmet Italian Market has a wood burning pizza oven and about three tables, and produces thin crust, delicious pies.

          South Asian: you are near one of the few South Asian communities in the tri state area and there is some good food there. Southern Spice, and Mumbai Express, Usha Snacks (for chat) one block west and Fiza Family Diner.

          Hildebrandt's on Hillside is like stepping into a 1930's soda fountain with excellent home made ice cream, old fashioned drinks (cherry lime ricky's and egg creams) and good food, particularly the burgers and pasta's.

          Lake Success Deli is solid and serving the kind of cuisine that has all but disappeared. That same shopping center has an Iavarone Market.

          There is a good Portuguese restaurant,Café Sport and the still solid Sripraphai for Thai as well as Royal Tangra Masala for Chinese/Indian.

          I will post more as it comes to me.............

          1. I grew up in that area but haven't lived there in decades so I don't know if the Buttercookie Bakery on Jericho Tpke (it's either Floral Park or Queens Village) is still there. They were outstanding in my years there.

            1. I saw a brick oven pizzeria on Franklin ave. just south of the hospital. Didn't get the name but will see if they have take out.

              There are so many bakeries to sample.

              Busy busy.

              1. Not sure if it's still there, a Caribbean restaurant, back behind the old A&S building, off of Hempstead Turnpike. Talking, years ago now :)

                I haven't been in awhile but used to frequent Jonathan's:


                Also, you're not too far from Garden City. Waterzooi:


                Again, haven't been in awhile.

                Been to a Portuguese place. Don't remember the name.

                Franklin Square used to have a good Italian bakery and Pork Store nearby. On Hempstead Turnpike. Haven't been over there in ages.

                Dario's used to be on Hempstead Turnpike and had moved to more upscale Rockville Centre. I had many good meals there, years ago.