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Nov 6, 2013 08:40 PM

Gluten-Free Holiday Dish for (his) Extended Family

So, I'm going to be meeting the boyfriend's extended family for Christmas. I know his mom is gluten-free, and as far as I know nobody else has dietary restrictions. Without going over the top, we'd like to make something together to bring/contribute to the holiday meal. Any suggestions for something (probably either a pre-meal nibble or a dessert) that would be gluten-free, delicious, and accessible to an audience that includes several kids and not-so-adventurous eaters, and overall is not super spice-tolerant? Suggestions appreciated... I bake and cook, so pretty much anything goes!

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  1. has a Blondie recipe that is killer. Don't change a thing in it, and she will love you forever.

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      This is perfect, since I am allergic to chocolate and I could easily see adapting this with white chocolate or butterscotch chips!

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        I make these Blondies for a friend who is also allergic to chocolate, and to egg yolks.

        I don't put any chips in, but always use pecans, sometimes shredded coconut. Instead of whole eggs, I use liquid egg whites and a bit of xanthum gum.
        They taste like salted caramels and are addictive!

    2. As a pre holiday nibble, what about roasted chick peas seasoned with ras al hanout (or hangout as my auto correct wants to call it, sorry about spelling). Festive yet different but familiar and crunchy.

      For desert, what about a meringue type cookie. I don't' have a recipe, but the food memory of my grandmother's of basically a meringue cooked in the oven low and slow until dried and fluffy/crunchy.

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        I've never tried ras al hanout - is it spicy?

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          It's not spicy just full of aromatic spices if that makes sense.

      2. Post your question on the Special Diets board for responses from people with more experience in G/F cooking.

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        1. i'd do a cheesecake with a nut crust. happy to post a recipe, but i'm guessing you might a have a recipe, as you bake :-)

          pre-nibble -- you could make some parmesan fricos and roll them up tuple style… "cheese crisps" are accessible and explainable to all… cheese… baked… yum.

          spiced toasted nuts.

          some firm tiny polenta rounds topped with a dollop of a tomato tapenade and cheese

          or even something as simple as homemade marshmallows (one or more flavors) can be well-received, is elegant and accessible…

          hope it goes well ;-)

          1. Ideas for nibbles:

            Potato and corn chips with dips
            Toasted spiced nuts
            Nachos (make sure chips don't have wheat flour)
            Veggies with dips
            Meat and cheese platter
            BBQ meatballs
            Chicken wings in various flavors
            Shrimp cocktail
            Homemade gluten-free Chex Mix (watch ALL ingredients for gluten, including soy sauce!)