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Nov 6, 2013 07:44 PM


Okay, what exactly is farfel, and what am I supposed to do with it when there are no directions on the box?

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  1. Farfel are small, roughly ball-shaped pasta. This thread might have useful info for you:

    1. Google will provide definitions and recipes. It's not an item that I use often, but a recipe that I like is leek and mushroom farfel from epicurious.

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        There are more than a few reviews in that epicurious recipe that recommend a somewhat different cooking approach to this.

        I have seen Farfel used as a stuffing(and the Epicurious recipe seems like it would do well prepared and baked as a stuffing) with the usual onion, celery, parsley, eggs, and chicken stock. You do have to season assertively.

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          My MIL always made her T-day stuffing that way. I'm not a big stuffing fan but I like this version much better than the traditional bread version.

          I cook Israeli couscous the same way one traditionally .makes farfel. I saute mushrooms and onions, add to the lightly sauteed couscous, and cook with chicken broth. I don't see farfel here much but we do have Israeli couscous

      2. It's an egg type pasta. I put it in a hot skillet and toast it. Then u add water and seasoning. I use g. Washington broth. Cook like rice. I add a lot if sautéed onions and maybe some sautéed mushrooms. You really can add whatever you want.

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          Is it a matza farfel or egg barley type?

        2. Actually the problem with Google - as with the problem right here - is that although there are all kinds of fancier recipes for stuffing or whatever, no one is providing a basic recipe!

          Does is have to be pre-toasted, or is that optional? Toasted or sauteed? What proportion of liquid? How long should it be cooked? Medium heat or lowest possible heat?

          That kind of basic information about a cereal is usually pretty easy to find.

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            Is it matza farfel or egg barley type?

          2. It's not a cereal/grain like wheat or corn, but instead a product made from grain.

            Description here might help, and a basic oven-prep recipe


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              Mushroom farfel was a classic at New York City's traditional kosher and kosher-style delis. Delicious!

              REcipe (forget the meatballs):


              Farfel is often called "egg barley."