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Nov 6, 2013 07:42 PM

skyline style diner in Detroit area

Anyone seen a skyline chili style diner in the Detroit area? Authentic Ohio would be good but a local flavor would be better??

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  1. I personally don't get the infatuation with Skyline Chili, but, I have Ohioan friends that swear by it. I have found cans of Skyline brand chili in Meijers stores and in the Glens (now Family Fare) chain. My Ohio friends now living in Grayling were ecstatic when I bought some for them and they claim the canned product is nearly as good as found in the restaurants.

    1. Honestly, I think ANY diner in metro Detroit could replicate that c*ap that Skyline has foisted on southern Ohio, and northern Kentucky, but why would they?

      Bad Chili, cheap pasta, imitation cheddar cheese; an invitation to an evening spent visiting the porcelain throne.

      Those folks don't even know how to serve a proper Coney Island!

      1. I like Cincinnati chili and cook it for myself sometimes. That said, I'm pretty confident that I can do it better than any place in metro Detroit that purports to serve Cincinnati chili. I've seen it in bars now and then, and it's never any good. Personally, I think, with the dismal weather of which today is a perfect example, a good chili parlor in someplace like Midtown Detroit or the U-M campus area in Ann Arbor could really clean up.

        1. Just today, is running a Steak & Shake Chili Mac Supreme Dinner. Looks kinda like the Skyline 3-Way.
          $4.99 with a side salad.