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Nov 6, 2013 07:39 PM

How about the quietest restaurants?

Let's say central Scottsdale, and east/central Phoenix. Brunch, especially. Even coffee. Maybe dinner closer to Scottsdale. Dining with someone who's hard of hearing.

I'm not counting Denny's, which is apparently the quietest restaurant on the planet. I wandered into the Scottsdale one the other day, and it was the saddest, loneliest place, like a morgue.

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  1. We seek out quiet restaurants, but the task is getting more, and more difficult, as too many restaurant owners, and designers, feel that one needs a loud "vibe," to validate that they have chosen well. We are not of that mind.

    Quiet is a tough commodity to find, and the few places, where one could guarantee it, have been replaced by loud, corporate chef places.

    Deseo is about the only place, where we have found quite, but that might only be on certain nights?

    Good luck,


    1. Now that the milder weather is back with us, restaurants with outdoor seating can be good bets for less loud dining. We not avid brunchers, so I can't offer too many suggestions on that front. Below are some general recommendations for quieter dining options in the areas you're considering.

      FnB is great for lunch or dinner. The indoor dining areas can get a little loud, so I'd recommend you ask for/reserve an outdoor table.

      Crudo (dinner Tue-Sun; brunch Sun) has some limited outdoor seating, but with its relatively dispersed seating arrangements, the main dining room tends to be fairly quiet too.

      Pizzeria Bianco at Town and Country shopping center has outdoor seating too, but, as with Crudo, I've not found the indoor dining room to be too loud.

      Bink's Midtown might also be a good bet for you. We were disappointed with about half of the dishes we ordered on our only visit there, but others have raved about it.

      House of Tricks in downtown Tempe is a wonderful spot for outdoor dining. You'll probably need to reserve a table near the edge of the patio to get some quiet, though. The indoor dining rooms can be quite loud here.

      Christopher's has never seemed particularly loud to me. I tend to sit at the counter so as to take in the kitchen action, so I can't speak to what it's like out in the main part of the dining area.

      1. Not exactly in the neighborhood, but the Farm at South Mountain came to mind immediately. Breakfast or lunch outside on these lovely days is calm and quiet and just a pleasure.
        6106 S 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85042
        (just south of Southern on the west side of 32nd Street


        Phone: (602) 276-6360

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