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Nov 6, 2013 04:57 PM

String of good eating (3 Cod Tavern, Buff's Pub, A4 Pizza, Bon Chon (Allston), Choate Bridge Pub

We've had a good run of eats recently. Nothing that hasn't been discussed before on this board, but I thought I would report back. Everywhere, we felt comfortable with friendly bar mates and/or bartenders (this statement is in response to the current unfriendly tones of the "cafes with friendly strangers" post. Why can't Bostonians loosen up? Not everyone who randomly talks to you at a cafe/bar/bus is trying to hit on you or is "creepy."

-3 Cod Tavern, Marblehead. We hadn't been in for at least a year until a few weeks ago. Pats game (with audio on) was a plus. Really good crab cake (not MD level but as good as I've had in this area); a great, gigantic, fresh haddock sandwich with good fries; a just-ok lobster roll (I could be wrong, but the lobster didn't seem fresh...of course, I ate the whole thing so it wasn't that bad!). We love that they grill all their bread/buns, which isn't a given. Love this place.

-Buff's Pub, Newton. It's been a long time since B had the wings there. We stopped in a beautiful random Saturday for college football and wings for him. Lots of wing love, of course. He gave me a morsel - I was expecting something a bit more crunchy, honestly. He had to concur. But he wasn't complaining! I had a veggie pressed sandwich that was nothing special but hearty and just fine. Gotta return pronto.

-A4 Pizza: Pre-Halloween candy run to Target which we tied in with our first visit to A4. We've been to the Kendall location several times. Somerville is better, at least food-wise. The crust was awesome, bartender was great (and very generous), quiet on a Tuesday night at 8 pm but started to fill in as we were finishing up. I got the small mushroom with the egg on the side to give to B (I'm not into eggs). The kitchen guys accommodatingly fried them up, sunny side up for us. (Thanks guys!) B had the clam pizza, which I sampled. They were both great, but the clam was the winner by a paper-thin narrow margin. Our new favorite weekday place.

-We visited Bon Chon Allston a couple of weekends ago when some Korean friends came to visit. B was thrilled - the 3 of them chowed down on 1/2 soy garlic and 1/2 of whatever the other flavor was. While B loved them, he found them too sweet. My friends loved them. We also had kimchee chigae (my friend found the broth weak...I agreed but we all gulped it up on that chilly, windy day), ceviche (tasty, but too saucy), my maki rolls (I was being silly) were not good. Despite the disappointments, we were all happy!

-FINALLY made it to Choate Bridge Pub this weekend. Instant massive love. Pats game hadn't started yet but every other game was on. We split the fried clams, onion rings, and lobster roll (so sue me - I am trying to cling onto summer!). Lobster roll on grilled roll was fine to us. A touch of dressing, but not much, so we were happy. Fried whole bellies were sweet and the batter perfect, as were the onion rings. We want to return in the dead of winter.

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  1. Awesome report, digga. Reports like this are what keep me reading this board. Thanks.

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      Reports like that don't happen nearly as often anymore. Digga knows her stuff. One question - Is Choate still giving you packets of tartar sauce? And I had to laugh at the "gotta return pronto" for Buff's Pub's uncrisp wings and nothing special pressed sandwich. The vibe is enough to carry it?

      1. re: total13

        The tartar sauce was doled out in one of those small ~1 oz plastic condiment containers so we assume it is made in-house (or just made to look that way?). A pre-packed cocktail sauce also came with the clams (Ken's, I believe).

        As for Buff's, yep, it was a perfect lazy Saturday football-watching kinda vibe for us! Enough to bring us back (B was happy enough with the wings).

        1. re: digga

          Try some of the non wing items too, the daily special is usually good and Kale linguica soup is awesome.

          1. re: StriperGuy

            Do they have the soup regularly? I make a damn fine one, but it's always nice to find a good one in a restaurant.

            1. re: kimfair1

              The soup is just a sometimes thing.

    2. Next time you go to Choate, try their burger.

      1. If you want crispy wings try Joco's in Waltham. Best fry job I've I've had on wings in the area - which is really at the heart of a good buffalo wing imo - no matter how good the sauce is it can't cover up flabby wings. Good beer on tap too - so I no longer have a need for Buff's. 25 cent wings on Monday nights, free on fridays from 4-6pm.

        1. Choate is great - I always rave about it. Their fried clams are the best. And no they do NOT still have the tartar sauce packets! :)

          1. Choate also has fantastic chowder.

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              We have been Clam Box fans for a decade+ but Choate's fried clams are the best by far-for us. So clean tasting in mouthfeel, and they only use Ipswich clams (which are often not available in the deepest winter). Their chowder -- we've heard the fish chowder is made there and v good, but we haven't tried it yet (avail. certain days.) The clam chowder we had was dreadful. Thick thick goopy, like out of a can.