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Nov 6, 2013 03:48 PM

Anyone tried Chapon de Bresse?

I was looking for the New year's eve menu at Le relais louis xiii, and I came across that, Chapon de Bresse. Has anyone tried, is it better that normal chapon, or poulet de bresse? Looking it up on the net I saw that it can cost 30euro per kilo, and up to 80euro per kilo, making a 4kg chapon to cost 336euros.

This menu at Le Relais Louis XIII is priced at 913 euros. I found pretty interesting the wine pairing. Christal champagne. chateau margaux etc.

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  1. Same difference between a chapon de bresse and a chapon that between a poulet de Bresse and a poulet. Actually, more of a difference, since no one will bother mass producing lower quality Chapon given the size of the markets (when you can find 8€ Poulet de Bresse at Auchan, and they're great, you know not all Poulet de Bresse are necessarily the pinacle of chicken).

    Like Poulet de Bresse, though, Chapon de Bresse is a particular bird and requires gentle cooking. But I guess we can count on Martinez at Relais Louis XIII for that.