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Nov 6, 2013 03:24 PM

Where to order a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving?

Bonus points for being able to order it in advance with pickup on Thanksgiving day.

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  1. One of the better sources would be the Downtown 3rd Farmers Market ( They will have fresh organic turkeys from BN Ranch again. Note that they are scheduled for pick-up on the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, if that matters to your scheduling.

    1. Just to stir the pot, how about a frozen turkey? Before you scoff, let me explain. The editors of the magazine Cook's Illustrated, in their 2004 cookbook, The New Best Recipe, did a blind taste test on a wide variety of turkeys -- fresh, frozen, kosher, etc. Their clear verdict: the best was frozen Butterballs. OK, I can hear you asking, "what?" Here's the scoop: Cook's Illustrated has long championed brining for roasting whole chicken and turkey, and it turns out that many frozen turkeys are prepared in a manner that approximates brining, and are "fast frozen," which helps manage the distribution of moisture. (Of course, given the size of most turkeys and the time involved, they're inevitably harder to brine than, say, a chicken.)

      No, I haven't done a taste test of my own (a fair one would require two identical ovens....). But Cook's Illustrated has, and they're unabashed in their recommendation. I'll also toss in a recommendation for the cookbook named above. Endless fun reading, available at the usual outlets, used, for a very reasonable price.

      I love counterintuitive reviews, and in the food world, this is one of my all time favorites.

      1. Sprouts carries a very good fresh turkey this time of year. I've gotten them 3-4 times in the past and have had excellent results. In the past, they've always been $1.49/lb. I think it's magnitudes better than a supermarket frozen turkey, maybe not quite as good as a heritage bird that one would order from a whole foods or farm. I say maybe because I think it depends on what you're used to eating and what you're looking for in a turkey. I know you can call ahead to reserve one, but I would confirm that they are open Thanksgiving day.

        1. Call Branded Meats on Horizon Ridge in Henderson, ask Gary if he can do that for the best butcher in LV