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Nov 6, 2013 03:20 PM

Belfast, Me

Can anyone direct me to good restaurants around Belfast, Me. Basic seafood/ steak restaurants preferred. All price ranges. Thanks.

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  1. __Fried etc seafood: Angler's Rte 1 Searsport (just north of Belfast) moderate
    __Medi-Italian Delvino's "downtown" Befast, casual moderate
    __Pub-like Darby's "downtown" Belfast, casual moderate

    1. We like Darby's, too, for a wide variety, good food, unpretentious. The hot spot in Belfast is Chase's Daily. Beard award chef. Very good fresh food, not expensive, but service can be slow.

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      1. re: MangiaMuse

        Love Chase's but the OP is not getting a steak there - vegetarian.

        1. re: bobbert

          errrr uh huh?? The OP asked for seafood/steak places!

          1. re: Morganna

            Chases has no meat, thus bobbert's comment. And to be clear, they've only been nominated for a James Beard, never won.

            I haven't been, but the new kid in town is the the old Lost Kitchen space.

            1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

              OH! *laugh* I get it now. Thanks for clarifying. :)

      2. Thanks for the suggestions. The more the better as we will be in the area for about 2 weeks. We're also willing to travel outside Belfast if there are "do not miss" places 20 to 30 miles away.

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        1. re: basketwoman

          With two weeks on your hands, if you are willing to drive just a bit down the coast, search this board for Camden and Rockland suggestions. Many great restaurants there that I certainly consider "do not miss" caliber. Additionally, for excellent seafood, I was impressed on a recent visit to the Slipway in Thomaston, about an hour from Belfast.

          1. re: basketwoman

            Wow, with two weeks on your hands, you'll have to expand your search radius...and 20-30 miles brings on a whole new world of opportunities! This includes Rockland (26 miles), Rockport (20 miles), and Camden (18 miles). Here's what I would call the "high quality" restaurants in that area:

            Primo (Rockland)
            Home Kitchen Cafe (Rockland)
            In Good Company (Rockland)
            Suzuki Sushi (Rockland)
            Cafe Miranda (Rockland)
            Rustica (Rockland)
            Long Grain (Camden)
            Fromviandoux (Camden)
            Francine Bistro (Camden)
            Shepherd's Pie (Rockport)
            Saltwater Farm (Rockport)

            For nice drinks/upscale bar food, consider:
            3 Crow (Rockland)
            Fog Bar & Cafe (Rockland)
            40 Paper (Camden)

            And then one other place I should mention for BBQ...4 Points BBQ in Winterport (21 miles in the opposite direction). Hands down the best BBQ in Maine by far.

            1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

              ...and good news if you're into this -- Primo just started their (pig) nose to tail menu last night. I did not partake, but it looked amazing. It's not basic steak/seafood, but it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. (Or once a year, if you're lucky enough.)

              1. re: harrie

                thanks again for the many recs. They all sounded great. Any suggestions for further north?

          2. The original comment has been removed