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Nov 6, 2013 02:58 PM

need great manhattan german restaurant

i'd like to make reservations for a great german restaurant for a dinner of 7 people a few nights before xmas. 4 of the group are becoming dual citizens - usa and germany - (the german is the pickup citizenship - a program that allows families who had to leave due to nazi persecution to have german citizenship and keep their us citzenship. tmi perhaps). anyway, we thought a big fun festive german meal would be just the ticket. the last time i went to a german restaurant in manhattan, they were all up on east 86th street and i think that whole scene is lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng gone.

suggestions and comments appreciated.

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  1. Heidelberg is still on Second Ave. & 86th Street. It's a "good" restaurant.

    1. That time of year Rolf's would be fun, they do crazy over the top xmas decorations:

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        rolf's is fun and festive. i'd recommend loreley on the basis of food alone, though.

      2. Zum Schneider gets raves from some of my friends (I've only had drinks there). They usually only take reservations for 10 or more, but maybe they'd make an exception for your party.

        I like Loreley quite a bit.

        And I like Cafe Katja even more. But it's Austrian. Dunno if that's a dealbreaker.

        1. How about Blaue Gans? Another Austrian, but.... well, the cuisines are pretty damn close.

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            If the OP will consider Austrian cuisine, I recommend both Wallse and Seasonal.

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              Wallse has great Austrian food, but far from festive. It is kind of stuffy actually. But Blau Gans their other more casual restaurant is more festive.
              Probably better off going to Queens to Zum Stammtisch.
              Maybe the beer garden at the Standard for beers.
              Ideal used to be my favorite , inexpensive German restaurant on 86th St. The one-eyed chef was the best.

          2. There are no good German restaurants in Manhattan. None. Posters seem to be recommending just to recommend the only German places they know of. They are crappy (like REALLY crappy -- Heidelberg and Rolf's especially are close to inedible) The other posts are searching for the 3 Austrian restaurants. The latter are fine, but well, they're Austrian. Wallse best of the three IMO.

            If we're going German-influenced, then go Alsatian, and the only GOOD option is The Modern. GOOD FOOD, sincerely.

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              I was with you right up to the point where you mentioned the Modern. Here's a link to the menu at The Modern. Could you point out the German dishes?


              Perhaps you mean the Bar Room at the Modern. Here's their menu. Please point out the German selections.


              No, 5 or 6 Alsatian dishes in a menu with 70 something selections doesn't make it a German restaurant.

              I'd recommend the Austrian places instead.

              1. re: Bob Martinez

                Fair enough. I was thinking more of the Alsatian's chef "influence" I guess. That Tarte Flambee in the Bar Room is just delicious FWIW. It gets smaller and smaller though :(

                But you did get my point in response to the OP.

                1. re: thegforceny

                  Oh yeah, I definitely agree with you. Manhattan is not a great place for eating German.