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Nov 6, 2013 02:51 PM

What to bring back from Austin and San Antonio

Headed down from North Carolina in a couple of days. Any ideas for things to bring back for gifts? I'd like to get something fairly nice for the folks who are watching our kid back home, preferable something we can pack or carry-on the plane. Thanks!

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  1. I lived in San Antonio for 3 years and Austin for 2 years. There are a number of things you can take back they would enjoy. One of my favorite seasonings is Julio's and can be found at any HEB grocery store in the spices section. Its made in Del Rio and San Angelo and tastes great on chips, etc. For Texas BBQ, Rudys is a Texas staple and they ship briscuit all over the USA. I actually sent my out of state family briscuits last year for Christmas - everyone said they turned out GREAT. Taco Taco (in San Antonio at Hildebrand and McCullough) makes the best tortillas but they really do not ship well and are WAY better fresh. Jardines is a food company located outside Austin and they sell their products through grocery stores and they have great stuff --

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        So that sent me to Google! Sadly, they were forced to quit making Dublin Dr. Pepper in January of 2012 but the company continues to make other soft drinks. Interesting!

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          Cane sugar Dr. Pepper is still around, check small town markets or HEB in San Antonio.

      2. Wolf Brand Chili, Ranch Style Beans, Gebhardt's Chili Powder, That Green Sauce salsa from HEB, dried peppers, (particularly ancho and chipotle), tamales(!), and

        a Beef Rib from JMMC in Austin.

        (Great! Now I'm hungry.)

        1. In our family, we love Tex-Joy Steak Seasoning. Put it into everything. Use it just like seasoned salt, which, of course it is.

          And, so many things are available everywhere these days. But when I've lived outside of Texas, couldn't find it anywhere, and had to order it. I did that, but usually you had to order more than just one shaker of the stuff, which was a little inconvenient. I mean, how much seasoned salt does one use, even if it's the best seasoned salt in the world.

          That's something I'd definitely take back.

          1. When in SA I always manage to visit The Guenther House for a meal and bring back Pioneer Flour products, even though I can buy some of them in the grocery stores.


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              If you're looking for Texas style seasonings, get yourself to Bolner's market, 2900 S Flores St. Great little meat market, eat some bbq there for lunch and buy some great seasonings.