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Nov 6, 2013 02:46 PM

Farm-to-table weekday lunch in Bev Hills area?

Looking for a table service lunch place. I'm the "difficult" one in this party of two--my companion is more flexible with food than I am, while I lean towards Paleo/grass-fed/gluten- and grain-free and need a place that's willing to work with me and doesn't mind omitting ingredients that I can't eat.

(I always check menus in advance and call ahead so as to minimize the ordering time once I'm at the restaurant -- I realize that my food limitations can seem to others like I'm being "difficult" and I hate that so I try to do as much advance research as I can.)

Any good restaurant suggestions that might fit the bill?

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    1. re: Servorg

      Ah, yes, I like Eveleigh. It didn't occur to me because I was thinking more Bev Hills and not WeHo, and also they're only open for lunch on Friday. But it could indeed be a good place if my friend doesn't mind a slight location change.

      Might do that!

      1. re: Juji

        Wow--looked at menu. Sounds delicious and looks like a possibility. My friend likes the hotel...we've been there to hang out before (prior to Culina opening) so this could work. Thank you -- wouldn't have thought of it.

        1. re: sablouwho

          I agree with Culina.

          I order in from Culina about once a week and their restaurant at Four Seasons is excellent.
          Good choice.

      2. Just a few blocks east is Crossroads (Switzer and Melrose). Have not been but on good advise understand it is the best of its kind for high end vegan.

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        1. re: Thor123

          Oh, I'm quite bummed about Crossroads. It sounds wonderful but I called them last week and because they're vegan (but not raw--raw vegan places tend to not use gluten or soy or grains) -- they use a lot of grains at this place. There were literally only 2 things on the menu that I could eat and they weren't too keen on making modifications. All I could have was tomato soup and Brussels sprouts. Kills me really, I so wanted to try it.

        2. AOC worked nicely with a friend re: same issues. Worked out great

          1. Is there a "seed to shelf" place for lunch in the same area?

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