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Nov 6, 2013 01:45 PM

Walkable restaurant to Fairmont for mother daughter dinner out

Staying at Fairmont and looking for a walkable location.
Few Moms and girls going out for dinner. Last year we went to Pann's and everyone seem to find something on the menu.
Not looking for high end dining .
Pub food, italian no chinese or greek etc as trying to satisfy everyones taste buds :)
Daughter craving a good poutine.
Moms looking forward to wine

We will probably hit st hubert for old time sake for delivery or lunch one day as its not avail in Toronto,

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  1. I don't know what you consider walkable but I would recommend Taverne Gaspar. It would be a good 20 mins walk there, and you can always take a taxi back to the hotel. They have poutine on the menu!

    1. Left out of hotel right on Metcalf,
      Dominion Square Tavern. Cool place between Sunlife building and Dunn's Famous smoked meat. Not high-end, but on the pricey side. No poutine, however, and 18+

      Kinda across from Dominion on Peel, McClean's Pub. Cheap drinks, inexpensive pub fare, all-age clientele.

      A few doors down from McCleans, Peel Pub...more of an 18-20 yr old place.

      Walk UP from McCleans to St. Catherine then left 2 blocks, Mr. Steer. Straightforward fare, reasonable, but IMO a bit bright for dinner.

      Continue along St Catherine 2 blocks, 3 Brewers (3 Brasseurs), France based brew-pub, with Alsatian specialties plus usual pub suspects.

      Another block west along St. Catherine, you'll come to Bishop St.
      Turn right, you'll find Mckibbin's Irish Pub

      Turn Left, you'll come across
      Oyster Shack - seafood in a pub atmosphere. They have a unique clam chowder poutine (don't knock it until you tried it!

      Irish Embassy - likely nicest Irish pub of the list with home style food.

      BTW, I'm all for nostalgia and St. Hubert, but if you want much better
      1. chicken
      2. fries
      3. gravy
      I'd urge you to give Chalet BBQ a try
      A Montreal institution since 1944.
      Sure, theres a St. Hubert less than 10 blocks away from your hotel (St. Catherine/St. Urbain), and yeah, Chalet BBQ is about 50 blocks away, but sooo worth the trek.
      Its the epitome of Montreal rotisserie chicken, still cooked on live, maple charcoal (St. Hubert uses gas) with house-made fries (frozen @ St. Hubert) and in-house gravy (St. Hubert uses their own corporate mix).
      I'm just sayin...
      (they do deliver, but I don't know if the downtown is in their radius - you can call).

      1. Good recs by Porker, but there's a closer pub, and it serves the best food of the bunch, imo:
        The Old Dublin / Vieux Dublin, 636 Cathcart St.
        Just turn right out the main hotel doors, then 1st left on University street, then 1st right on Cathcart. No poutine, but awesome burgers.
        (Edit: McLean's Pub on Peel has poutine. Go with that one.)

        Like porker, I urge you to avoid St-Hubert. Chalet BBQ is great but will require you hop the metro's orange line to Vendome station. They deliver as far east as Peel street, so you're just outside the boundary (

        You might also consider the Portuguese restaurants on St-Laurent (about 40 mins walk), of which Jano at 3883 St-Laurent is my favourite (for sit-down; if you want take-out Romados is a must: 115 Rachel Est, just a few short blocks off St-Laurent)

        And if you go that far, Pitarifique at Rachel & St-Laurent has good poutine. Downtown is a bit of a wasteland for good poutine, but you could go to Belle Province on Peel street just a bit below Sainte-Catherine for a passable one.

        Fyi, the hotel is commonly known as The Queen Elizabeth. Wasn't til I saw the replies I realized you meant a hotel (then hit google to know which one), and not Fairmount avenue.